Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back from Vietnam

The family had decided to throw a "welcome home" party for me upon my return from Vietnam. My Uncles house had a pool, so that was the place of choice. Everybody in the family was there, including some friends from high school. My aunt was a good looking lady. She was around 38 or so at the time, and I had just turned 21, the month before. At the party, she was in her bikini, which was her daily choice of clothes, along with most everyone else. As the party went on, people were getting drunk, and starting to go home.

My parents had left earlier, and I stayed behind, as I had a ride later. At one point, I went into the kitchen to get another beer, and my aunt was grabbing some chips or something, and asked me what time I was leaving. I told her I wasn't sure, but had a ride. She let me know that I could stay there if I wanted, and go home in the morning.

When it was time to go, my ride was pretty drunk, so staying seemed like a good idea. I asked my uncle if that would be OK, and he had no problem with it. My aunt put a bed together in the spare room, called me in to see if it would be OK, and upon her leaving the room, she brushed her hand on my cock. I thought it was an accident. Well, I stayed the night, and when i got up in the morning, went to the restroom, and then to the kitchen. I had a slight headache from the amount of beer I drank the day before, so I thought a couple of beers would take care of that. When I got to the kitchen, there she was!!!

Naked, and washing the morning dishes. I asked where my uncle was, and she said his job had called him in for the day. Talk about feel-ING uncomfortable!!! I was trying not to look at her, but it was hard not to. Something else was hard as well. She started asking me if I had screwed any Asian women while I was overseas, and wanted all the details about that. As I was describing that, my cock was getting hard as a rock. She kept looking at my cock, and smiling now and then. She thought it would be a good idea if I stayed around and just relaxed by the pool, and started the beer thing all over again. She went out back, tidied up some, and moved a couple of chaise chairs near the pool. She informed me that relaxing in the nude, took all your troubles and sidelined them. So there we were.

Side by side around the pool. My cock was hard, and she still wanted more information about me fucking the Asian women. I"m telling the stories to her, and when I turned to look at her, she was fingering herself, and was having a really good time doing it. She told me to move the chair closer to her, which I did, and the next thing I know, she"s stroking my cock. I gotta say, it felt really good. She took my hand and had me start fingering her. Soon enough, she spread her legs wider than I ever thought a woman could. Knees clear up to her shoulders!! She asked me if I would lick her pussy, and rub her tits.

Her pussy was so pink and soft, I could only imagine what the after-noon was going to be like!! All of a sudden, she sort of pushed me away, and told me to stand up. When I did, she started sucking my cock, and working my balls with her tongue. She kept asking if the Asian girls felt this good. I couldn't talk. I was thinking, "my God, this is my aunt, and what if my uncle shows up?" Soon enough, we"re fucking doggie style on the diving board. Then on the patio, then on the chaise.

It seemed like she could go on forever. The thing is, she kept wanting to know about the Asian girls!! I put more cum in that woman than I thought I could ever muster up. In the mouth, in her pussy, on her tits, in her ass. Name it, she got it. After fucking her in the mouth one more time, I don"t mean a blowjob, I mean fucking her hard in the mouth, she said to jump in the pool, and relax on the chaise again. I got a beer, sat back, looked at my cock, which was sort of red raw, with swollen balls, and was kind of glad that it was all over with. She had gone inside and took a shower.

When she came back out, she had her infamous "screwdriver" for a drink. After about an hour, it all started again!! Round two. We did the whole fuckfest over again, and ended it with her wanting me to fuck her in the ass. I did that happily!!! Just like that it was over. I left for home around 5pm, and she asked if I was coming back before I left for Camp LeJuene. I still had some time left in the Marine Corps. I said I would, because I was looking forward to another day like that one. Three days later, she called me and said she needed some boxes moved out of the garage.

Would I come and move them? we go again. When I got to the house, there she was naked as usual, but no boxes to move. Naturally, I took off my clothes, thinking that the day was going to be great. Not the case.

She told me to get dressed, grab a beer, and just go to the back. I did. Sat down in the chaise, and was wondering what she had in store.

She came out wearing a thin house coat and sat down next to me. She asked how I liked the other day, and I told her that all my sexual dreams had been answered. Around 10am, the doorbell rang, and she told me to stay put. She came back in a minute or so, and had this Japanese lady with her. She introduced me, telling "Mary" that I had just returned from Vietnam. The 2 had been friends for some time.

Mary lived down the street. We sat around talking for a bit, and then Mary asked if she could put on her bathing suit and take a short swim. This one was pretty good looking ass well. 40 y/o maybe.

Out she comes, drink in hand, and I"m thinking that once again, I have died and went to heaven. During Mary"s dip in the pool, she had taken off her bathing suit, and got out, gave my aunt a kiss, and pulled up a chaise. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My aunt was fingering Mary during the kiss, and once again, my cock was rock hard. I took my clothes off anyway, and sat back ddown in the chaise. I watched these two licking each other, kissing each other, you name it, they were at it. I thought I"d just join in with Mary.