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Party With Male Stripper

Party With Male Stripper

Sex in home

My name is Frank and I live in Oxford, UK. I have an 19 year old niece by the name of Alexis who is a complete stunner. She has the curves all in the right place. Anyway it happened one fine Sunday that I was called by my brother to his house. I got there and his wife explained everything to me and that they both had spoken to all people involved. And they told me that they and their 18 year old daughter had to go out of town for 3 days and they needed someone to look after her and they knew was off, so after hearing all this I agreed.

So early Monday morning I got to my brothers just before they had to leave and I came from my house with some clothes and shut the door behind me and locked it. Later that evening I got a call from my brother who asked how his daughter was. I said that she was ok. Now that same evening to my surprise Alexis began wearing lose tops without any bra and used to wear lose bottoms which showed no evidence if any panty. This puzzled me for some time and I would go to bed wondering what Alexis was doing. So the next day I watched her carefully.

As night time came I was custom to sleeping with just a t-shirt and nothing else as I liked to be free. So the next morning after getting an early phone call on my mobile from my brother saying that they are not coming back on Wednesday, but on Saturday I soon fell asleep. But only having been a asleep for maybe just an hour or so, I felt a hand on my penis gently awaking it up. I first thought that I was dreaming, but I was awake at the time. So I lay there to see how far this would go. The hand continued its exploring of my penis and soon it was rock hard and 6" of solid meat.

Then I got a shock, as through the corner of my eye I saw a tent from as my duvet was raised and a soft and warm mouth swallowed my penis into its home and began to suck. I was in shock ,but also in heaven as having a mouth around my organ and giving me a blowjob. This sucking lasted about 10 minutes then I knew I was going to explode inside this mouth, so I tried to stop the head moving but then my penis was released and out from under the duvet came the face of Alexis. I deep down knew it was her but I was still in shock as receiving a blowjob from my niece. I said, "

Alexis darling what were you doing, I"m your uncle". Alexis replied, "Oh uncle I know, but as I was coming up stairs after getting a hot drink I saw your door open and that your duvet was half off. And what I saw stopped my in my tracks. You were fast asleep and lying on your back and your organ was standing up like a pole. I was frozen by the sight of such a thing for the first time in my life, so I came closer. But what happened is that I began wanting to touch it. So I did but there was no movement from you, so I got under your duvet and climbed onto your bed and positioned myself right over your penis by sitting on your side.

Then I first licked your penis, then I took it all in my mouth. But then you got disturbed and it was too late as I had got to excited not wanting to stop, but then you tried to stop me so I gave up and released your penis". Then I said to Alexis, "Well take the duvet off and see for yourself if my penis is still a pole or has it gone limp". She pulled off the cover and there was my penis still standing proud hard as a rock. I then said, "Why don"t you show yours as you have already seen mine".

Alexis stood there for a second, but then took her hands to her t-shirt and pulled it off, then what I saw was amazing her lovely breast hanging proud and her virgin pussy clean and shave in all its beauty. I told her come onto the bed and lie down next to my so that we can cuddle each other. She did not waste any time and came straight into bed. Now we both cuddled each other and as we did our bodies met for the first time and I felt a electric current go through me as I felt her warm body on mine. Alexis began to fondle my penis as I started to caress her lovely breast.

I told her open her legs so that I could get in the middle. She opens her legs and my hands go to her breast and I begin to kneed them and gently twist her nipples. As I do this they go hard, so she asks me to suck them and bite them. I start to suck and biter her nipples and then she says, "I am feeling some kind of tingling in my pussy and I don"t know where it is coming from". Then I replied, "Oh my baby don"t be worried, that tingle in your pussy is telling you that you are getting turned on. Then she asks me to continue with what I am doing as she likes the tingle.

But as I am twisting and pulling at her left breast, my right hand goes down to the south of her body which is her costly jewel-her pussy. As my hand reached there I just placed my whole hand over her pussy mound and kept it still. As I was still doing my magic on her left breast, she got her right hand and began to move my hand up and down on her pussy. I did not need any more signals, so I began to rub faster and faster, while in between putting my finger into her pussy, and then soon she was so wet that I was getting two of my fingers inside her and finger fucking her.

Alexis was going wild and had orgasm after orgasm, because she would shake and then calm down. She had done this three times already. Alexis was so wet and horny that she asked, "uncle please can you eat my pussy as you have started a fire inside my pussy and it needs to be put out". I said,"Your wish is my command", and positioned myself between her legs. I spread her legs as wide as they could go and placed my mouth over her pussy. Then I put my tongue near her clit and began to lick and eat it out. She went wild with screams of pleasure and came all over my face which I drank hungrily.

But as she was just coming over her first orgasm, I drove my tongue deep into her pussy as far as I could and began to eat her like there was no tomorrow, and as I did it took her over the edge and she had a violent orgasm which lasted a few minutes which I had the pleasure of lapping all up. I left her for a moment and watched her for a while as she continued to breathe heavy. I began to get the urge for some action from my penis as it was now paining me as it was really hard and wanting to burst. It was like Alexis knew my thoughts and said, "

Oh my goss, that was mind blowing I can"t feel my legs after that orgasm, but that tingle has not still gone and I know what is need to finally take that tingle away and that is your penis. So I came in between Alexis"s legs again and positioned my penis over her pussy hole. I said to her, "Look darling I know that you are all wet and have had my two fingers up you, but what I am about to do is going to hurt at first, but afterwards turns to pleasure. You might want me to put on some kind of protection so that you don"t get pregnant".

Alexis replies, "Look we have come this far so don"t worry about putting on any kind of protection as I want to feel you inside me and I am already on the pill so put that hard penis of yours deep inside me and make me a woman". I then again position myself where I was before and I give a little push, and my penis head goes in and Alexis shouts, "Oh that hurts, please do it slowly I will not stop you just ease it in slowly, then when you are in, then I can adjust myself to you". I gets a little worried, but does as she says. I slowly push very gently and as I am pushing I come to her hymen.

I tell her I have come inside her as far as is possible now her cherry is between me and her. She asks will it hurt? I reply, "Only for a second and as I said before it turns to pleasure". Then she says, "Go ahead break my cherry and let"s make love". I then tell her to bite her teeth and hold onto the bed covers. Then I give a strong push inside her pussy and my penis goes in all the way. I look at Alexis, she has tears running down her cheeks and I can see blood on the bed covers. I ask, "I you ok my dear or shall I stop?". She replies.

"No don"t stop start pumping slowly as I get used to your penis". I begin to pump my penis in and out slowly, but within only a short time Alexis shouts, "Now come on drive your organ deep into me as fast as you can and burn my burning tingle with your seed". That was all I needed as I began to start pumping my penis inside her like a piston. I got faster and faster till after she had many orgasms I knew I was about to come. So I told her that I am coming and she said that she is coming to. So we both came at the san=me time. At the time of my release she shouted,

Oh I can feel you shooting deep inside me please don"t let it stop I love to have you shooting inside me". As my penis stopped it shooting, I then fell on top of her ad kissed her breast and put her left nipple into my mouth and then said, "Alexis that was great, I have never come so big in a long time". I get off her and lays next to her. She replies, "I now know what sex is all about and that how enjoy it can be". We lay for some time in each other arms and fell asleep. I while I was in Alexis"s house for the rest of the days had sex with her for breakfast, then lunch and for evening meal.

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Girlfriend & Her Bestfriend First Time

I sat down and turned on the movie as the two girls got the food ready. It was still early in the night and we had nothing really planed. Sara, my girlfriend, sat next to me and handed me dish of food. Amanda, Sara’s best friend, sat on the couch across from us. We had a few beers each as we ate and watched the movie. Time moved on and the events of the night took an unexpected twist.

Before we continue let me describe Sara. Slightly darker skin, about 5’5 with shoulder length black hair. Her thin, 22 year old build brings out her 36B tits nicely, along with the “perfect” ass. Amanda’s different build equaled a good match. She stands a bit smaller at about 5’ 3” with longer dirty blond hair and smaller 32A tits at age 21.

After an hour into the movie Sara, a bit tipsy, got up and sat next to Amanda. The two girls laughed and giggled over just about nothing. All of a sudden Sara looks at Amanda and states “let’s kiss!” Now keep in mind both girls are perfectly straight and have never been with another girl before. Amanda amazingly giggled and placed her lips on Sara’s smooth, pink lips. I sat and watched, very aroused. Next to my amazement, Sara stops, lifts off her shit, removes and bra and continues topples. Amanda follows suite a few moments later. Now, the two girls lay on top of one another, softly kissing as their nipples slowly rub together.

I think to myself “this can’t be happening”. Before I had time to second guess myself, without taking a breath, my girlfriend removed her jeans and continued making out in her panties. At this point I got more comfortable and took my shirt off. Then, as I hoped, Amanda removed her pants as well and the two girls rolled around with simply their panties on. I still couldn’t believe this was happening, but so very happy it was.

Five minutes went by, in which felt like fifteen as I was in my own world of enjoyment. Every moment was as unpredictable as the next would be so I couldn’t even imagine what would come next. What did come next only turned up the heat more. Sara slipped down her panties and moved away from Amanda’s lips and she removed her friend’s underpants. There they lay, my girlfriend and her best friend completely naked, side by side.

Amanda slowly stated playing with her own bald clit as Sara knelt beside her watching closely. It seemed she could only stand watching her friend please herself for so long without acting upon it. Slowly and softly she moved her genital lips into her friends waiting, wet, tight, pussy. Her tongue moved up and down Amanda’s soft vagina. Sara’s finger moved ever so carefully between Amanda’s wet pussy lips reveling the pink inside. Both girls moaned as one was getting eaten out and the other fingering herself hard has she ate.

This moment lasted about twenty minutes before Amanda sat up, flipped around and stated a 69. This was more then I could handle, I sat up and undressed. I sat a few feet away from them rubbing my hard dick up and down, watching what I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Then without warning, Amanda turned over and yelled “Sara, can I suck his dick!”, and with no delay, my girlfriend granted her friend permission. I closed my eyes as Amanda went down on my cock while she was being eating. All three of us where moaning as Sara moved around and licked Amanda’s ass and pussy from behind. I moaned louder and louder, knowing I was going to cum any minute. I yelled “I am going to cum!” Amanda didn’t take a breath and sure enough I jolted back and shot a load in her mouth. She swallowed and Sara joined her in licking it up.

My first Lesbian sex

Michael and I had only been dating for a few days when he decided he wanted my body. I didnt feel comfortable having sex with him. I told him no. Michael was obviosly not happy but he said it was "cool". We were making out hardcore one night and I wanted him so bad. I wanted his big hard cock inside my tight pussy! I began undoing his pants when he stopped me and he told me that I wasn"t ready. We argued for a while until he slapped me. I ran out of his house crying and went to my best friend Sybil"s house. She is the sexiest thing on the planet. She has GIANT boobs. She is a DD cup. Im only a C. She has a perfect figure.

She saw me crying and hugged me. I looked up and noticed, she was only wearing a towel! "Why are you naked?" I asked. "I just got out of the shower. Can I get up to get dressed?" Sybil replied. I couldn't help but look at her tits. They were hardly covered by the towel. "No. You can"t leave me. Ha Ha" I smiled. Sybil looked at me and asked if I wanted some pajamas to wear. I said yes because I would get to change with the hottest girl ever! I began having thoughts that I were a lesbian. I didnt mind them. I knew what I wanted. I wanted her.

We sat down on her couch and started watching a movie. I had to make a move! "So sybil," I asked "I heard that you were bi." "WHO TOLD YOU?" she exclaimed. "This guy." i said back "Well I am but come on Shy, I"m way too sexy to be for guys only! You gotta admit, I"m hot." I stared at her. I was a little turned on. "Shy, I love you. Dont let this ruin our friendship but, I"ve seen you look at my tits. So, here." She lifted up her shirt and threw it across the room. She closed the blinds. "I will say I might have looked a few times but, you said it yourself. Your sexy as hell" As she sat back down she smiled. Sybil removed her bra.

She looked at my boobs and giggled a little. She took off my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra. She asked, "Very nice! Can I?" I was so horny. I nodded. She first caressed my boobs. Then she leaned in and licked my nipples with an occasional nibble. I moaned quietly. I layed down and she glanced at her pants. I said, "Come here. I need your pussy! I need it now!" Without a word she moved a little and I undid her pants. Her underwear was soaked. I figured mine were too.

I pulled her towards me and made her sit on my face. I licked her clit and licked it good. She was now moaning like crazy. I licked faster and she began riding my face! This felt like a dream! I stuck my tongue in her pussy. Sybil rode my face harder. She screamed, "Im gonna cum! Oooooh!!! Lick my pussy! Yes! Shy! Shy! Yes!" Her juices poured into my mouth! I loved the taste! She then said, "My turn." I felt myself get wet. She told me to stand up. "Now bend over onto the couch. Spread your legs." I did as Sybil said. She licked my ass whole first. That was a new sensation! I felt her finger touch my pussy. I got wetter. She licked my pussy and fingered it.

Her best friend's mom

Rene had been fascinated with her best friend’s mom since she was girl. Teresa was the epitomy of a MILF, she had legs for days, a washboard stomach, and huge tits. And her face was nothing to throw a bag over either. She had a picture of her in a tiny bikini hidden in a book that she used when she needed some release. She had been three fingers deep in her pussy when the doorbell had rung.

Rene composed herself as much as she could before jumping off the couch and heading to the door. She looked out the side window and took a sharp breath when she saw Teresa standing on her front porch in a flimsy white sundress. With the angle of the sun, Rene could clearly see that Teresa wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She stuck her fingers in her mouth quickly, trying to suck off the pussy juice before she opened the door.

Teresa smiled when she opened the door, “Do you have a minute Rene? I’m on my way to an appointment and I needed to talk to you about Jeni’s 18th birthday party.”

Rene slid her hands into the front pocket of her sweatshirt and smiled, “Sure Teresa, come on in.” She turned to head into the living room again and realized her panties were lying on top of the picture in full view of Teresa, she stopped abruptly, “Let’s go in the kitchen.” She turned around quickly, hoping Teresa hadn’t seen.

Teresa smiled softly and followed Rene into the kitchen where she sat on one of the kitchen stools with her knees slightly parted. Rene sat across from her, her tiny skirt riding up under her ass. She smiled back at Teresa, “So… What did you wanna talk about..?”

Teresa let her knees fall apart just a little, drawing Rene’s eye immediately to the gap between her thighs. She leaned forward and smiled wide, “You want to taste me.” She whispered.

Rene looked up startled, wondering if she had really heard what she thought she heard. She slid forward on her stool, letting her skirt ride up some more, revealing her pussy lips slightly, then looked Teresa in the eye.

Teresa’s eyes were glued to Rene’s hairy pussy, and she had begun rubbing her nipples through the thin material of her dress. Rene leaned forward with her eyes open and slid her tongue between Teresa’s parted lips. Teresa responded urgently, kissing Rene back and taking her face in her hands. “Mmm, I’ve been waiting for you to turn 18 for so long… Ever since that first time you saw me naked when you were 13. You’ve been fucking me with those dark eyes of yours ever since.” She said, pulling away and dropping to her knees in front of Rene.

Teresa pushed back the rest of the tiny skirt and buried her face between Rene’s legs, sliding her tongue along Rene’s dripping slit. She spread her pussy lips and swirled her tongue around Rene’s clit, almost causing her to fall off the stool. Rene slid her hands into Teresa’s hair as she began tongue fucking her. Before long Rene was bucking her hips in Teresa’s face, holding on by her hair.

Teresa came up for air and slid her tongue in Rene’s mouth, encouraging her to suck her own juices off her tongue. Without breaking contact she lifted Rene onto the butcher block table on her back and climbed on top of her, scissoring their legs together. She began to rub their pussies together gently at first, savoring the way Rene moaned into her mouth as their clits rubbed against eachother repeatedly. She began to hump her faster, working herself to a frenzy and finally breaking away from Rene’s mouth she began to really work her hips as she gyrated on top of the 18 year old.

Teresa threw her head back as she began to cum, Rene was convulsing underneath her in the throes of her 2nd orgasm, Teresa continued to grind her clit on top of Rene’s and suddenly she began to squirt, startling Rene at first. Teresa didnt stop, but began to work Rene’s clit harder until suddenly Rene also began to squirt, drenching them both again.

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Milf anal SEX

Milf anal SEX

Super Hot Blonde

Super Hot Blonde

My Sexy Boss giving Blowjob

My Sexy Boss giving Blowjob

My friends hot sister

My friends hot sister

While the husbands are away

The six of them had always got along, so when the men announced they were going away on a golfing weekend the girls decided to treat themselves to a pamper weekend. As they pulled up the driveway of the large country hotel they let out a collective “Wow”. If the standard of service was as impressive as the building they were in for a fabulous weekend.

After checking in they decided to go straight to the pool for a swim. They signed in, were given their towels and went through to the changing rooms. Looking around Sophie was taken aback. The changing rooms were all open plan with no cubicles to protect privacy. She had known Angie and Sue for years, but had never seen them naked, or been naked in front of them, and now she felt very uncomfortable at the thought.

Angie apparently had no such inhibitions and soon she was completely naked, foraging in her bag for her bikini. In spite of herself Sophie couldn’t help looking at Angie’s exposed body, and thinking how healthy and toned it looked. Angie proceeded to put on a very small bikini which did almost nothing to hide her athletic figure.

Sue wasn’t far behind and soon she was ready in a bikini only slightly less revealing than Angie’s. Sophie was caught between her instinctive desire to remain covered up and not wanting to look foolish in front of her friends. Not wanting to look foolish won the day, and she undressed, feeling very exposed to the eyes of her friends. As she removed her underwear she looked up to see them both smiling at her. She smiled a forced smile back at them as she donned her bikini, which was slightly more modest than theirs, but not by a huge amount. Like both of her friends Sophie was in good shape from long sessions in the gym.

It was not the most energetic swim that any of them had ever had, and consisted in reality of a few lengths then standing at the edge chatting. As they were clearly not getting any real exercise in the pool, Sue suggested they go sit in the Jacuzzi instead. The other two agreed and soon they were enjoying the sensation of the warm bubbling water.

They hadn’t been in there long when Angie started giggling. Responding to the quizzical glances from the other two, she explained that she had discovered the pleasurable impact of positioning herself over the top of one of the jets in the Jacuzzi. At her suggestion the other two tried it, and soon they were all a bit silly and giggly. They did their best to calm down when a couple got in with them. This was helped by having to move round to make room for them, so they had to vacate their carefully chosen seats.

After they had moved round Sophie felt the bottom of Sue’s leg pressing against hers. She knew it was just because there wasn’t that much room in there, but the sensation was giving her a slight sense of unease that she struggled to put her finger on.

Shortly the timer on the Jacuzzi switched the bubbles off and the three friends went into the sauna. They were the only ones in there so they all got to lay out along the benches. It wasn’t long before they were all glistening with sweat. As Sophie brushed some beads of perspiration from her abs she noticed Angie doing the same. Once more she had that sense of unease as she watched her friend running her hands down her toned, shiny body.

Things didn’t get any better when they finished in the sauna and went to get showered and changed. Sophie couldn’t get over how comfortable her two friends were at being naked in the open plan showers and changing rooms. She was also finding it distressingly difficult to not keep looking at them as they rubbed the shower gel into a lather all over their bodies. As she watched them both get dressed she tried to come to terms with her feelings. She knew she couldn’t fancy them. They were women, and she’d never felt any leanings in that direction. Maybe it was simply their apparent self confidence that made her want to be like them. This self analysis didn’t last long, and as soon as they were dressed they headed off to the bar for a pre dinner drink.

The rest of the evening was great fun, and they chatted, ate and drank until almost midnight, before calling it a night and heading off back to their rooms. Sophie felt much more comfortable undressing in the privacy of her room, and soon she was naked in bed, casually running her hands over her body. Logically she knew she was in good shape, but on an emotional level she struggled to accept it. As her fingers wandered over her bare flesh she felt herself starting to get aroused, and soon she was working away at her pussy and clit, feeling the moistness as her excitement rose. It wasn’t long before she was coming, feeling her pussy walls tighten on her fingers as they continued to slide in and out, until the intensity of the sensation became too much for her.

Sophie drifted off into a deep and satisfied sleep and woke refreshed and ready for a serious day’s pampering. Over breakfast the three of them discussed the treatments they had booked, and agreed to meet for a quick lunch, in between being spoiled.
They all had a wonderful morning, and over lunch agreed to meet up in Angie’s room for a drink before they went down for dinner. Then they returned to their pampering, all of them thinking how easily they could get used to this way of life.

Sophie knocked on Angie’s door just after 6, to find that Angie and Sue had just made a start on the first bottle of wine. She gratefully accepted the glass that was offered to her and sat on the bed with the others as they chatted about how their day had been. They had all had full body treatments in the afternoon. Sophie and Sue had gone for the aromatherapy massage and Angie had chosen the full body exfoliation and massage.

“I don’t know about you two” said Angie, “But my treatment was such a turn on. Whole body meant whole body, and I laid there totally naked having different cleansers and lotions rubbed in everywhere. My masseur was really sexy too.”
“Lucky you” responded Sophie. “My masseur was a woman”
“So was mine” laughed Angie
“But you said your masseur was sexy” mumbled Sophie.
“She was. And she had an incredible touch”
“But she’s a woman. You’re married. You like men” Sophie could feel herself flushing, although she didn’t know why.
“Sue and I went to an all girls school you know. Some habits die hard” Angie was grinning now. Sophie on the other hand was blushing bright red.
“Haven’t you ever even been curious about what it might feel like to go with another woman?” asked Sue.

“Of course not.”
“Are you sure? You did seem to enjoy watching us in the shower last night”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“So when we were all naked and so close to each other it did nothing for you?”
“No.” Sophie was almost shouting now.

“This should have no effect on you then” smiled Sue as she reached down and pulled her vest top off over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and as Sophie stared at her pert breasts, she realised with a start that it was having an effect. She just shook her head in a half hearted effort at denial.

“What about this then?” asked Angie as she undid her blouse to reveal a sexy white skimpy vest. Sophie remained struck dumb, her eyes darting from one friend to the other. As she watched they both got off the bed and removed their leggings, leaving them both in sensual white panties.

They climbed back on the bed and knelt either side of Sophie. “Your turn then” said Angie as she and Sue eased her t-shirt up and over her head. As they did so she could feel their fingers brushing against her bare flesh. She shivered and felt the goosebumps rise on her. She also felt her nipples harden.

The two women then directed Sophie up onto her knees so they could lower her shorts, leaving her exposed in just a pair of skimpy panties. She now felt very unsure of herself and vulnerable. To her astonishment she also felt extremely excited. While she was coming to terms with these conflicting feelings, Sue and Angie were each kissing one of her breasts, slowly circling her nipples with their tongues before sucking greedily on them. At the same time they eased her panties down to expose her smooth pussy.

Sue murmured her approval as she slid her hand between Sophie’s legs and started to tease her clit. Sophie responded by easing her legs slightly further apart and gently rocking her hips back and forwards. Sue took this as an invitation to slip two fingers inside Sophie’s pussy, making sure she maintained contact with her clit as she did so. Sophie’s breathing grew faster and shallower and she started to let out little moans as the combined assault of her friends’ mouths and fingers drove her towards a shuddering climax.

As her orgasm subsided Sue removed her fingers and offered them up to Angie who eagerly sucked them clean. Sophie collapsed back on the bed and watched as Sue and Angie embraced each other, their fingers exploring and probing as they kissed. They appeared totally absorbed in what they were doing until Angie glanced down and noticed her lying there. “Hey you, you not joining in the fun?” she asked as she laid down next to her. Sophie didn’t respond but put up no resistance when Angie took her hand and placed it over one of her breasts. Tentatively she tightened her fingers slightly, feeling the soft firm flesh. Angie’s nipple hardened against the palm of her hand, and instinctively she took it between her thumb and forefinger and started tweaking it, gently at first then with increasing pressure. The moans of pleasure coming from Angie told her she must be getting something right, and she felt strangely pleased with herself.

Not to be left out, Sue crawled up the bed until she could lean over Sophie so one of her breasts was brushing against her lips. Sophie kissed it lightly, before using her tongue to lick round the nipple, bringing it full hardness, before sucking it into her mouth. As she sucked she used her tongue to flick at the nipple, increasing the pleasurable sensation for Sue.

Suddenly all of her inhibitions melted away and she temporarily abandoned Sue to roll over onto all fours and kiss, lick and suck at Angie’s tits as she reached down to stroke her clit, feeling the dampness from her pussy. Sensing this change in attitude Sue crouched behind Sophie so she could lick at her clit and arsehole while fingering her pussy. Soon Angie was climaxing, and Sophie lost no time in turning her attentions to Sue. She was now getting totally carried away with the excitement, kissing Sue and tasting her own pussy juices on her lips and tongue. Soon she had her head buried between Sue’s legs returning the favour and licking her until she too came.

My best friend's mom

Ever since I was thirteen, I have been attracted to my best friend's mother, Marva. Living two houses away from them, I would see Marva on a daily basis. Some of my fondest memories came from spying on her with binoculars, as she would sunbathe during the hot afternoons of summer. Seeing her body covered in nothing but a skimpy black bikini was the greatest sight I could imagine at that time. I’d often sit on my bed, peek through the curtains, and masturbate as I watched Marva rub lotion on her smooth body on hot summer afternoons.

Two years ago, Marva received a good job for a firm in Florida so James, my friend, decided to go with her and enroll at Florida State University. This past summer was the first time I visited them since their move. I drove down for a two-week stay with James, but I was secretly more excited about spending as much time as possible with Marva.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and got a tour of the house from James. It was a nice three-bedroom ranch on a good amount of property with a huge in-ground swimming pool. We made immediate use of the pool and spent a couple hours reliving old stories of playing high school hockey, dating some of the cheerleaders, and throwing some wild parties. James decided it was time to check out a couple bars so he left to shower and get ready. Not used to having access to a pool like this, I decided to swim until James was finished. A few minutes later Marva arrived home and came out to greet me. She was more beautiful than I had remembered. Her short auburn hair fell just shy of her shoulders, her well-curved body gave way to an incredible set of smooth tanned legs, and her always-present smile really brought out the warmth in her face. And considering Marva was in her late forties, her large breasts had a firmness that would have made younger women jealous. Needless to say I did all of my talking in the pool hoping the water would camouflage my enormous hardon.

Marva and I talked for about twenty minutes. At first, I was a little uncomfortable feeling like I was a teenager by addressing her as "Ms. Douglas." She simply laughed and told me to call her "Marva." It was the first "adult" conversation Marva and I had. Eventually our conversation lead towards our current relationships, she told me how she had been too busy with her job to find time to date. This thrilled me to no end, although I, and the pool water, covered it up well. Before I had the nerve to extend our discussion, James came back and we were soon enjoying the wild fun that Florida had to offer.

I didn't see much of Marva for the next five days because James and I were constantly going to the beach, a variety of bars and clubs, and even a nude beach (but that's another story) in search of women. One evening James got lucky with a gorgeous blonde from Texas and decided to go back to her hotel room for the night. He felt a little bad leaving me on my own but I encouraged him to have a good time. On his way out James gave me the key to the house and said he'd be back sometime tomorrow. This was all I needed; it would be my best opportunity to spend some time alone with Marva.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the house she was gone. I waited up for a couple hours watching TV but eventually I gave up and dragged myself to bed.

Just a little past two in the morning, I was awakened by footsteps coming from the back patio. I got up to have a look. There was a full moon that night and I quickly saw a perfect view of Marva sitting next to the pool. I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't dreaming... but I quickly realized that she was naked! She had one leg floating in the waters as her incredible tits were bathed in the night-light. The shadows played tricks with my eyes as I stared at the luscious mound between her legs. Marva sat quietly smoking a cigarette and once looked towards my window. I ducked away for fear of being spotted. After a time, I regained my courage and looked out to see her swimming through the pool waters.

My dick was doing most of the thinking when I eventually got up the nerve to walk out to the back patio. I made plenty of noise so Marva would have time to cover up if she felt uncomfortable. She didn't bother. She simply drifted in the water as I walked onto the pool deck.

"How's the water?" I said clumsily.

"Wonderful," she said treading water on the far side of the pool. "I was wondering if you were going to sit at that window all night or come out and join me." She gave a slight laugh, as I looked startled. My amateur Peeping﷓Tom antics had obviously been noticed. I stumbled around a fruitless excuse before shrugging my shoulders in frustration.

Marva played the whole situation cool. "Matt, stop making excuses, I've seen the way you've been watching me the last week. Hell I remember the little boy who used to peek at me through his bedroom window. So just take off your clothes and come swim with me." For once in my life I was clearly not in control of an encounter. Marva's confidence was overpowering and it really turned me on.

She swam towards me as I pulled off my shirt and slid out of my shorts. "My, you've certainly grown from the skinny little boy who used to watch me with binoculars," she said as she eyed my huge dangling cock. She climbed a couple of steps and offered her hand. One look at her body dripping with water in the darkness and I could feel my dick stiffen like a board. Marva laughed, “Well, I was going to take your hand, but this will suffice.” With that she reached out and wrapped her wet hand around my length. Gently she pulled me into the pool behind her.

We drifted in the calm waters for a while talking. Our warm bodies touched at various moments. My cock was solid the entire time and the thought of fucking Marva was driving me crazy. However, every time I made an advance she simply delayed the encounter. I was truly at the mercy of this older more experienced woman. Eventually, after she thought I had suffered enough, I felt Marva's warm hands rubbing my balls and stroking my shaft under the water, a shiver of joy went through me.

Soon we began to kiss passionately. I could feel my steel hard rod rub against her thick bush in the cool waters. I pulled Marva to me and slipped my cock into her warm wet pussy. It was a perfect fit and Marva knew it. She wrapped her legs around me and gave in completely. Placing both hands on my shoulders, she began rocking up and down on my rock hard bone. The water made it easy for me to thrust my meat deep into her sweet pussy and I soon had her moaning furiously. She began kissing me wildly saying that a man hadn’t fucked her in years.

I began to feel a little more in charge of the situation so this time I lead Marva. We walked from the pool and settled down on a blanket on the patio. Our wet bodies were grinding away and we were making enough noise to wake up the entire neighborhood. Sweating madly, I rolled over and had Marva ride my stiff pole. She bucked on my cock like a pro while I kissed her luscious tits and rubbed her nipples with my fingers. It wasn't long before her hot juices were sliding down onto my fuck stick. The thought of fucking someone twenty﷓five years older than me was really driving me crazy, it was all I could do to hold back my growing orgasm.

After her orgasm Marva rolled us over and allowed me to be on top. “Fuck me baby!” she begged. I positioned myself and really pounded away. She came again and was digging her fingers into my back wildly, pulling me close to her. “I want it Mitch!” she moaned into my ear. “Come for me. Come in me.” A powerful groan escaped from my lips and I blew a volcanic load into her quivering cunt. Completely drained we collapsed into each others arms and drifted to sleep. A while later I woke up to find Marva curled up next to me. She was awake and smiling a wicked smile. “That was the fuck I’ve been needing for years. I hope you’ve got some more for me.” It wasn’t a question. We lay in the darkness for a time as she smoked another cigarette. I told her that the thanks belonged to her, as I had never had a woman handle my dick like she did.

Marva hadn't even finished her cigarette before I was ready for another round. I picked her up and carried her back to the house and into the bedroom. Once there, I allowed her to finish smoking as I buried my face in her tasty bush. My tongue whipped and licked as she wiggled her body with growing excitement. After another orgasm she looked at me and said, "I want to suck your cock and have you explode in my mouth."

She proceeded to give me the greatest blowjob I have ever received. Marva tongued my hairy sack savagely as I knelled over her. She then moved up and down my length like it was a giant Popsicle. Once my cock was covered in her saliva she swallowed the entire length slurping hungrily. It was impossible for me to control myself. Marva met my eyes as her head bobbed up and down my steaming sword. What followed was a furious orgasm unlike any I had ever had. True to her word, Marva swallowed every drop and even sucked on my spent tool for several minutes hoping for a little more of my hot young cream. Exhausted, we happily slept the rest of the night and part of the morning away in each others arms.

Best Home Made Deep Throat

Best Home Made Deep Throat

Teenage thriller, Naked in the cinema

My little scenarios can lead me into risky situations, something I do on the spur of the moment, can result in becoming a full blown encounter, a brief urge that leads to a full and penetrative sexual liaison.

I went to the cinema one mid-afternoon, it was a hot day so I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, ankle socks and pumps.

Sitting in the coolness of the cinema, which was almost deserted, I was alone and feeling strangely hot, in a sexual way, I was one week from my periods so I guess I was feeling more interested in men because of it, and I began to feel myself, strangely enjoying my wanderings and heightening urges, as I looked around for companionship, but the area was empty.

I undid the button holding the waistband of my shorts, eased the zipper down, and instead of stopping there, I pushed them over my hips, down my legs, and kicked them off.

Sitting wearing a t-shirt and G-string knickers I felt so horny and began unashamedly rubbing myself beneath my knickers, a strange surge sweeping over me in waves as I brought my knees up onto the back of the seat in front, making it easier to ease the string of my knickers down, and then I took them off, and left them under the seat in front.

I was thrilled because I was naked under my t-shirt and my coverings were in the row in front, a sense of indecency and exposure was overwhelming me, sitting with my knees wide apart and my hand delving in and out of my wetness.
A shaft of light broke my workings and I immediately sat upright, pulling my t-shirt into place, giving me about 3 inches of covering, a difficult cover considering my long legs.

I looked to my right, it was a man, my heart was beating like crazy as he approached my row, all the rows around were empty and sure enough he eased himself into the one in front, I was momentarily relieved, as I really wanted to bring myself off, but that was short lived as he made his way along the row, bent down and picked up my shorts and discard panties.

He looked down at me sitting there, trying to hide my modesty, 'I have been observing you from above', he whispered indicating the balcony, 'If you want these back you need to join me in the back', and at that he moved away and went into the back row, some ten rows behind where I was sitting.

I thought my heart would burst, he had been watching me masturbate and undress, now he had my knickers and shorts, and I was old enough to know he would want something in return, before he would return them to me.

I moved to the far end which was deserted and made my way back towards, the reason being as I walked you could see everything, as the 3 inches rode higher on me when I stood up, so I walked back to him showing my vagina and bare bum, and as I entered the back row, I could see from the illumination of the big screen, he was already masturbating something which would be handed over to me as soon as I sat down beside him.

I was in a heightened sexual state, wet and hungry and as I slid down beside him, I bent over and took him into my mouth and started blowing him, my tongue working crazily around his knob, his balls tight in my hand, his fingers pulling my nipples hard, twisting them with cruel force, but instead of producing protest he caused me to produce more secretions from my pussy, and as my head came off his knob, I turned in my seat and offered my cunt for insertion, and in doing so, pulled his cock into me only to feel him release his pent-up load, as his knob went inside my opening.

I turned in my seat as he raised my t-shirt, exposing my pert little breasts, his hand running down my flat stomach and following my curves into my cunt, he masturbated me as I held his hand with mine, mt hips bouncing on his fingers buried deep within, I bit hard into my t-shirt as I came with a forceful orgasm.

I was naked except for pumps and ankle socks, and as he convinced me to clean my crotch with my t-shirt, he rose and left me naked in the back row, and disappeared out through the door, before I realized my knickers and shorts were gone also.

I panicked and dove under the seats, and thankfully saw them lying amongst the filth a few rows in front.

I relaxed and looked around again, I was quite alone and others were a good way off, I laughed inwardly to myself, fucking was so good, and so easy, and at that I pulled on the wet t-shirt and went and retrieved the other articles of clothing, time to go home, and time to do some homework, back to school tomorrow and back to being the teenage girl who was growing-up fast.

My first girl

Ok for this I will change the name of the person involved, but the rest is true.

I was 17 at the time, left school, working part time in a cafe and hating it. I used yo go out and get pretty drunk with my friends when I could and look out for a real older guy.
After a while I started dating Craig, nothing serious but he was ok. The sex seemed good but too quick really and there was no real feeling of being complete after.

Things started to cool a little and they really went off one night when an old schoolfriend asked me for a dance, not a smooch, just a dance to an upbeat song. That's when it all kicked off. Craig saw me, walked up to us, pushed my friend away and slapped me across the face calling me a filthy little ugly slut. I just turned and ran out of the place, crying and ran straight into my friend Kim. She was totally shocked and took me to her place to clean up.

We soon got there and found that her folks were out so she took me up to her room and got some warm water and a flannel and started to clean my face up for me. I was so upset though and she held me, stroking my hair and my back which felt so comforting, warm and, kind of nice, like friends doing it but a little more even though neither of us had never been with another girl before, although I had heard things about her but had never believed them.

Then she pulled back from me and rubbed my tears away with the back of her finger ans stroked my cheek so softly, while whispering to me that it's ok and she's there for me. I smiled a little bit and she kissed my nose and my cheek and I just held her tighter. We looked at each other and she moved to kiss my lips , half expecting me to pull away I think, but I didn't. I responded and we kissed, then kissed again but this time longer and harder, our tongues finding each others and our hands feeling the warmth of our bodies under our dresses.

We were really pressing up close to each other now and I was getting quite caught up in all this so she pulled away again and asked if I was ok with this. I managed to nod and say yes and she took my hand and led me to her bed, bidding me to lie down on it with her.

She lay next to me and we started kissing again, but now her hands were moving more, her fingers sliding lightly over my hips and across my breasts and I never resisted when she pulled a shoulder strap down and let her finger run down my neck, over my chest and my breast until it gently encountered my left nipple, hesitating at first as if to gain permission, but then rubbing it, making it harden and making me gasp.

She sat me up and I allowed her to take the dress off over my head and then I lay back again while she took mine and her shoes off before continuing to caress, kiss and stroke me like I had never ever known. She ran her tongue all over me and eventually got to my thighs which she kissed and licked as I involuntarily parted them, but she did not just lunge for me, she took her time and then looked at me in the eyes as if asking if she could go that bit further.

I think my reaction gave it away and I really gave out a sigh as she ran her fingers over my pants and then slipped them off. I was hers and she started to slowly rub and caress me, brushing my clitoris at times but not rubbing it constantly, slipping a finger inside my wetness and then and I'll never forget, then replacing her hand with her mouth. Her tongue tasting me, her lips kissing me and sucking my clitoris and labia, her hands stroking me as I was holding her head and pushing her into me, raising my hips to meet her tongue.

Then it started, I was dripping wet and she was drinking me and I tensed, my orgasm building and growing until it hit me. I screamed and almost cried from the shear impact of it. It was so amazing and as it subsided I just lay there, out of breath and with a huge smile on her face.

Kim got up and kissed me and then took her clothes off. Then she got back on the bed with me and we made love like only two young girls can.

Anyway, that was my first time with a girl and it's one that I'll never forget.

Sexy sister in law Lisa

It was a hot sumer evening and I was sitting on my deck enjoying a cold brew while the family was away for a week when I heard a car pull up. I heard the click of heels and saw Lisa walking up the driveway. Lisa is 38,with long blond hair,very attractive with sexy pouty lips,sexy ass and full breasted with legs that always turned me on.

She was wearing a sexy loose dress low cut and sexy heels. She had stopped by to see my wife and as we hugged, I knew that she had been drinking! i told her that I was alone and asked her if she wanted something to drink and offered her a cold beer as she sat down she crossed her legs and got a look at her sexy legs and thighs! We talked and drank and before i knew it we had consumed several beers and I started to get horny and my cock was getting hard from seeing her legs and tits. As she got up to use the restroom, she almost stumbled and I held her and felt her tits against my arm! She walked into the house and I was right behind her! she was in the bathroom for a while and knocked on the door to find out if she was ok.

I opened the door and found her standing in front of the mirror with her dress off wearing nothing but a blue thong rubbing her tits! I stood there transfixed not knowing what was ging on and I rubbed my growing cock! She looked at me and said that she was really feeling the drinks and feeling sexy (horny?) and knew that we were alone and that she wanted to play around but was afraid of how I would react. She began crying telling me that she had not had sex with her husband for a while and that she needed to be held and shown that she was wanted!

Well, I wanted to show her that she was wanted and I held her and began caressing her back and we kissed and I felt her tongue enter my mouth and we kissed even more deeply. i cupped her tit and felt the large erect nipple and then began to lick her tits.We kissed and i guided her hand to my cock which was rock hard and she began rubbing it making me even hornier if that was possible!

I pulled away from her and pulled her into the bedroom as I began to strip as we climbed into bed.We lay there kissing as she stroked my cock and my hand was at her cunt rubbing it through her thong!

Lisa had always been what I call a flasher wearing low cut clothing, short dresses and tight cut offs and the thrill of her moaning next to me made me suck her tits more and I pulled her thong off and began to lick her wet cunt and ran my tongue over her clit which made her moan even louder! I rolled over and we got into a 69 and began to lick her deeper as she stroked my cock with her hand and then I felt her lips take my cock into her mouth and began a wonderful sucking! we sucked for what seemed for hours and I pulled her onto her back and pulled her legs up and ran my tongue into her ass running my tongue into the tight hole and tasted her pussy juices runing down into her ass! i grabbed my cock and started rubbing it around her juicy pussy and on her clit and slowly slid my cock into her pussy! Her pussy was tight as I began to push into her and felt her tighten her cunt on cock as we began to fuck! She was moaning softly at first and began to grab my back and i kissed her deeply as we rocked back and forth.

I pulled her up and got behind her and entered her again and my cock was sliding in and out of her love channel! I was feeling hot and was ready to cum and she wanted to take my cum in her mouth. I lay back down and she got on top and began to suck my cock! I could feel the cum ready to explode out and I shouted that I was cumming as she held my cock and I began to shoot my cum into her mouth. She took the load and oped her mouth to show me that she had not swallowed the load and she pulled me down and began to kiss me and i tasted my cum as we kissed and shared my load! wow!
We lay there spent and sweaty just enjoying the moment. We kissed deeply and held each other just feeling what just took place. We showered together and sat just enjoying each other.

This took place last summer and since that time we have had only opportunity to have sex together but she has surprised me several times! I have found her thong in my desk drawer with the aroma of her cunt and with a pair of her pantyhose in my truck as a reminder of things past and what may come in the future. This summer I will be be alone for several weeks and who knows what will cum up. I wait for surprises. Lisa was here yesterday and felt her tongue in my mouth and her tits caressed. My cock is always hard whenever I see her and I can't wait for summer to come!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fuck me baby nice and hard

I cant begin to tell u how horny i get when i need cock,ive been to extreme lengths just to feel a hot hard throbbing dick sliding up my ass,let me tell u about a few of these "lengths". On hundreds of occassions ive spent 3days solid(using speed to stay awake)fucking my ass with various different toys, usually ending with me waiting outside the nearest gay bar offering my ass to everyone as they leave untill some1 takes me home ,i really dont give a fuck about looks or age,so long as they have a hard cock for my hole.whenever they turned me down id always ask if they would let me suck their cock in the backstreet which plenty of guys agreed to.

This one night i remember the most, i sucked the cocks of4 different guys(a couple n 2 single guys. Having already offered to let them fuck me i begged them to please let me suck their dicks,promising id swallow all their cum and that was all i wanted. So i followed the 1st guy into the alleyway and squatted infront of him ,unzipping his jeans and hungrily fishing out his tool and taking him into my mouth,feeling him growing harder every second.

I reached into my own pants and slid 2 fingers up my lubed up asshole,fingering myself hard and fast untill he gasped and emptied his load into my mouth,holding my head so he cud thrust in and out. Thirstily i drank his sperm till he had nothing left and thanked him for letting me have it all,still with my fingers knuckle deep in my ass. I shouted to him to tell any1 else he knew that i was here waiting and would suck them too. leaning against the wall in the back street i continued fo finger my hole, still with the taste of fresh cum in my mouth. I was hungry for it now and was about to go back and ask some more guys when a couple walked round the corner,catching me with my fingers in my ass,with my pants now round my ankles.

Without saying a word they took out their cocks and i went to work on sucking them in turn till they both throbbed with hardness, bouncing infront of my face while i lapped the juices that dribbled from them. pretty soon i was taking every inch of their meat down my throat,gagging and messily drooling all over their poles. All too soon one told me he was about to cum so i took his dick all the way till my lips pressed against his pubes. holding my head he started to cum and i felt his dick pulsing as it squirted his hot thick spunk down my throat. i felt like a total slut swallowing my 2nd load of the night but it only made me want more and i sucked hard as he removed his cock from my mouth leaving a nice thick trail down my lips and chin.

As i was scooping it into my mouth the 2nd guy told me to open up,which ,obediently i did allowing him to jerk his nice hot sticky cum straight onto my tong. i messily rolled it across my lips,playing with it till his balls were totally empty. i gave that fat cock head one final delicious suck before allowing his sperm to trickle down my throat. i pulled the fingers from my asshole and used them to scoop what remained into my mouth,licking and sucking my digits clean.Feeling like a dirty whore i once again thanked them for letting me have their spunk,and they laughed as drunkardly they staggered off zipping their pants up.

Alone in the backstreet the realisation of what id just done began to sink in and my cock grew hard as i thought about what a slut id been,still with the taste of the last guys spunk fresh in my mouth , i needed a good assfucking more than id ever thought possible and i swore the next guy to come round that corner would soon be up to his balls in my ass. Within a minute somone wandered towards me and i motioned him to come over,making no attempt to hide the fact i was almost naked, i backed up onto some cardboard boxes and lay back ,spreading my legs wide and stroking my asshole.

"some guys said u looking for a cock to suck " he mumbled "nah, im looking for a cock to fuck my ass good and hard,THEN i'll suck on it" i replied and he looked v pleased. "but ive not got a rubber" he said and i didnt have 1 either but i wanted it so bad. "doesnt matter, do me without'll be the 1st ever to do me bareback" i said, sounding as desperate as i actually was to feel his dick inside me. In an instant his pants were round his ankles and he was lay on the boxes next to me. his cock looked big ,even without being hard and i licked my lips at the thought of it fucking me. i took it in my mouth , sucking the helmet till it was semi hard then i lay on my back and rubbed it against my little wet hole which was twitching with anticipation.finally he eased it into my asshole and i moaned like a whore,feeling my ass muscles clamping tightly around it while it grew harder n longer with every second.

"FUCK ME BABY,NICE N HARD" i begged so he took hold of my legs,pushing them back and wide apart. Slowly he began thrusting more and more of that throbbing hot dick into my waiting asshole,which offered little resistance,allowing him to penetrate me untill he was fully buried up to his balls in my bum. He held it there allowing me to squirm in pleasure,impaled on his pole. i demanded he fucked me bucking my hips up n down,takings him in and out. Using about an inch of it he began to thrust back to meet my ass,thudding against me with every stroke, making my ass squelch as it was violated.

I was urging him on,telling him to fuck me harder which he did using the whole length of that huge cock,pounding me till i let out a groan and my own cock squirted my cum onto my belly as i came hard for the 1st time in about 3days.he loved it and speed-ed up so i scooped up my cum and started tasting it messily,wiping it on my lips. When i am alone i always eat my cum but he loved it fucking me harder n faster till all too soon he groaned and i felt him shooting right deep in my ass,warm powerful spurts.

"i wanna lick it when u take it out " i begged and whenn hed finished pumping he slid his softening,cum-covered cock from me gaping asshole and brought it up to my mouth where i lovingly and hungrily licked every last bit of cum from it. then , as quick as he came, he stood up n left , leaving me panting and breathless , fingering my spunky hole in the darkens. 20 minutes later i finally went home , feeling very pleased with my nights work.

My First Time on Camera

This is a mostly true story. Only a little bit has been exaggerated for artistic fun :).

My name is Jana. I'm 34 and been married for almost 13 years now. I have a great husband who is good to me, most of the time. I love him to death but he is handicapped. He wasn't when we got married it happened in his late 20s (he's only a year older than me). We were already into swinging before he became handicapped. He doesn't really care for sex much anymore. He has a neurological disease and he says it has made his dick mostly numb. He's still kinda fun in bed when I can intice him to do it. His equipment still works and he'll fuck me once in awhile, but not often. He used to but i can understand why he doesn't care about sex anymore. Fortunately he still lets me swing and have other lovers. He encourages it. Sometimes I feel like Lady Chatterly with my cripple husband and lovers on the side.

This happened a few years ago. We were living in Colorado at the time. A ski town that I won't name since this is a mostly true story. We lived there all year but I met a guy who was only there for seasonal work during the ski season. He had family there so he came home for the ski season and then moved elsewhere for summer work. That's what drew me to him at first. My husband and I used to do the same thing before he got sick. Following the tourist season moving like gypsies. It was easy to do as we both had educations in touristy things. He was in hotel/restaurant management and I am a massage therapist. This young guy (almost called him boy, damn i'm getting old) was a co-worker at the resort I worked at. I could tell he liked me but he knew I was married and seemed hesitant to go beyond friendly playful flirting. I hadn't told him I swing. Some people are a little uncomfortable with that or once they find out they assume your a slut.

I am a slut but its not something I want to advertise to the whole world. I told my husband about the guy and he encouraged me to give it a push and make the first move. Which of course I did. I asked him out for a friendly drink after work and he said ok. We went out for coffee and lunch a few more times but the guy (I'll call him Joe) wasn't getting the hint even though he kept staring at my tits alot (36c). Finally we happened to get the same days off for once and he asked me over to his place to watch a movie and have a few drinks. He said my husband could come as well. I told Joe I'd ask him but I doubt my husband would come, he had just bought a new video game and was stuck to the computer when not at work (thats honest truth). Besides I knew Eddie (my husband) would prefer me go on my own, get laid and come home and tell him about it. He claims to like the mental stimulation of hearing of my escapades or watching when we find a guy who is cool with fucking me in front of my handicapped husband (most find it weird unless Eddie is participating).

The day of our little movie date came and I got bored early that day watching my husband geek out in front of the computer. I called Joe and told him exactly that and asked if he wanted to get together for lunch. He agreed and we went for lunch. We had a few drinks at lunch and Joe was quite funny when he was a little tipsy. Eddie and I have been heavy drinkers for a while and I could drink that kid under the table. I didn't want him passing out on me before I got to have my fun. So I suggested we go back to his place and go ahead and pop in the movie. We arrived at his house a rather big place. I knew he couldn't have owned it or afford to rent it and he said it was his parents house. That was a bit of a turn off. I knew his family lived there but I assumed he had his own place. I thought there was no way I'd get to fuck him now if his parents lived with him. But he told me they were out of town for a few days. We went inside and were immediately greeted by his dog. "Oh shit" Joe said "I need to walk him, I completely forgot while we were drinking".

I said it was alright, I love animals I'll walk him with you. We took a walk out back of his house. His house was out of town in the country. We took a nice walk with the dog chatting about work and such. It was a little bit before the ski season and unusually warm for the time but still a bit chilly. I snuggled up next to him as we walked which seemed to surprise him but he went with it. Once the dog did his business and we were walking back i guess the alcohol and my closeness against him finally took over and he finally kissed me. I pulled him closer as we made out for a bit. He then put the dogs leash on a branch of a nearby tree then came back to kiss me. He pushed me back against the tree as we kissed and he fondled my breasts while I rubbed his crotch. As i rubbed it it his dick felt so big through his jeans. As he kissed my neck and moved a little lower to kiss my breasts I undid his pants.

Finally releasing his cock I jerked him some as we continued to kiss. I couldn't see it yet but damn it felt big. I couldn't wait any longer and broke off our kissing and sunk to my knees to kiss his dick. It was bigger than I thought. Probably 9 inches i guess but more importantly it was almost as thick as my wrist. I began to suck his dick eagerly and he moaned as he grabbed my hair. Joe made me stop after only a couple minutes saying he couldn't take it anymore he wanted to fuck me. He stood me up and got my pants partway down as we kissed some more. He then bent me over against the tree and rubbed his cock against my already wet slit. I moaned as he pushed it in and he began to fuck me. Slowly at first then picking up speed. He was an animal. I couldn't keep a good grasp against the tree so he put me on the ground and fucked me doggy. We were both grunting and moaning as he fucked me hard. It felt so good. I felt so full as he rammed into me. My face in the dirt and my ass in the air. He slapped my butt a few times as he kept on fucking me. I think i came at least twice as he fucked me with his big dick. He grabbed my breasts and then came in me. I was on birth control but still like to be safe when with new people but I was so turned on I didn't care as I could feel his cum explode in me.

He slumped against me panting after he came. Then we got up and went back to his house. I called my husband and told him I probably wouldn't be home for awhile while Joe made us some drinks. I could almost hear him smile as he said ok, just bring me the details. Joe brought back a couple of rum and coke for us and we drank. Joe still worried about me being a married woman asked if I was mad. I said of course not, it was fun and told him I liked his dick and hadn't felt that good in a long while. He asked if I had done that before and wouldn't my husband be mad. I told him no and I had called my husband while he was in the kitchen. I explained we've been swingers for some time and offered him to do me with my husband sometime. Joe was unsure of that idea he had never had a threesome before and was not really comfortable with a mmf type threesome.

I leaned in and kissed him again and said it doesn't matter. We can have our own fun. That began a couple day sexual oddessy for us. We went to his bedroom, got naked and had sex more properly than we did out in the woods. I had him down on the bed sucking his dick. When he stopped me and asked, I'm not sure if I want to do a threesome but if your husband likes you doing this maybe we could record it? I wasn't quite sure. It didn't bother me to record it, but I just didn't want to be on some website somewhere. But my horniness took over and I consented. Joe set up his webcam to position it at a good angle for the bed. We tried a couple positions as well as me sucking him and him going down on me till we got it in the best position. I kissed his chest as i stroked his thick cock and asked him what he wanted to try first for our little porno movie. He smiled and said he really wanted to fuck my tits and cum all over me.

Nothing i haven't done before so I smiled and said that sounds fun. I went down on him sucking his dick getting his dick properly slimy enough for the job. Once I got him wet enough I pressed my breasts together and began to tittyfuck him. He only let that go on for a few minutes before he pushed me down to the bed. He stradled me and took control fucking my tits. I sucked the head of his cock as he fucked my tits. He began to get into it as he said dirty things to me. Oh yeah, suck my cock you dirty slut. I'm going to cum all over you bitch. etc. He always seemed so nice and a bit shy I was surprised to see him be so dirty but I loved it as he treated me roughly and sprayed cum all over my breasts and some even reached my face. God I love younger guys. It didn't take long for him to be ready again as we 69ed for a awhile with him on top. He fucked my throat making me choke a little but i didn't mind as he had quite a talented tongue and was quite wet and horny. I usually don't like 69ing.

I want to lay back and enjoy it while someone is eating me and the same when I'm sucking cock. But this time I was so turned on I would have done anything for him and his beautiful cock and ended up doing so. After 69ing for a bit we fucked in many positions for our little porno movie. Missionary, doggystyle, me on top, reverse cowgirl. Everything we could think of. I must have came at least 3 times. He came 2 more times as well. Once he came in me and then another he pulled out and made me suck his dick and swallow and show it for the camera. It was really late when we stopped for a bit. I sent the movie to my husband while Joe made some food for us.

We ate pretty much still naked. His dried cum still caked on my chest. He smiled at me and asked if I was ready to go again. Make another movie? I said sure. You want to put more cum on my breasts? He winked at me and we went back to the bedroom. On your knees slut he commanded. I obeyed and dropped to my knees sucking his big dick in front of the camera. I gave him the best blowjob I could. Sucking his balls. Licking his ass, taking that as deep as I could go till he came all over my face. Look into the camera he commanded. Show your husband what a slut you are and of course i did. Looking directly into the camera with the cum dripping down my cheeks and chin. Back to the bed slut, Joe commanded. I laid down on the bed. Whose slut are you? I'm your slut baby.

You'll do anything for me won't you whore?

Yes, Joe I'll do anything. I moaned as he entered me again missionary. He kept talking to dirty to me as he fucked me. I thought you'd say that you milf slut. He pulled out of me and I whimpered a little as his cock left my cunny. On your hands and knees slut, face the camera. I want your husband to see your cum drenched face as we do this. I obeyed and stared into the camera with my ass in the air.

I assumed he was going to fuck me doggy, which he did for a little bit, but that was only to get his dick plenty wet before he started pushing it into my ass. I gasped. Owwwww! Please no! You're too big! He pulled my hair and said, "shutup slut. I know you can take it" He was at least sort of gentle as he eased into me. I've done anal several times but god he was big. "Play with youself slut, it will make it easier" I did as he commanded. I liked the rough treatment even though anal isn't my favorite thing but it did make it easier as i fingered myself while he fucked my ass. "Look in the camera girl. tell your husband what a whore you are."
"i'm a filthy whore baby!"

"tell him what you're doing"

"I'm getting fucked in the ass by the biggest cock I've ever had. I'm his slut! I'm a whore for his big cock it's so wonderful!"

"how many times have you cum today?"

"I'm not sure at least 4 times i think" i moaned as he banged into my ass mercilessly. "Don't cum in my ass" i pleaded.

"I have other ideas anyway you slut"

He pulled out as he grabbed my hair and shoved his dick in my face. The rational side of my mind took over and was a bit repulsed at sucking his dick that had just been in my ass. But he didn't give me much chance he forced his dick in my mouth and sucked. I love sucking dick anyway and was so turned on I gave in. I sucked his dick and he pulled out to cum on my face again.

He put the camera on me and made me speak into it again with cum in my eye. "I'm his slut for now, hope you like the movie."

We took a shower together and fucked again in the shower. I was amazed how long this kid could keep going. He was wearing me out and making me a bit sore to be honest, but I couldn't stop. I was totally his cock slave at the time.

After the shower we went to bed. (to sleep). I woke him up in the morning sucking his dick letting him cum in my mouth to start the day. We didn't film anymore but after breakfast he fucked me again on the couch before I left.

I got home around noonish. Asked my husband if he received the video we sent. He said he got it and it was really hot. He kissed me passionately took me to the bedroom. He took my clothes off saw some of the bite marks and began to eat me. He was wild, much more so than i'd seen him be in quite some time. He got me to cum a couple times before he mounted me and asked about the things that happened off camera as he fucked me. I told him that he was getting sloppy seconds for the morning and our time in the shower. He fucked me harder with each word and filled me again.

Though sore it was a good couple days. Joe and I were regular fuck buddies for the winter season till he left in spring. I did eventually talk him into the threesome with me and my husband maybe i'll tell that story later.