Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sex in home

My name is Frank and I live in Oxford, UK. I have an 19 year old niece by the name of Alexis who is a complete stunner. She has the curves all in the right place. Anyway it happened one fine Sunday that I was called by my brother to his house. I got there and his wife explained everything to me and that they both had spoken to all people involved. And they told me that they and their 18 year old daughter had to go out of town for 3 days and they needed someone to look after her and they knew was off, so after hearing all this I agreed.

So early Monday morning I got to my brothers just before they had to leave and I came from my house with some clothes and shut the door behind me and locked it. Later that evening I got a call from my brother who asked how his daughter was. I said that she was ok. Now that same evening to my surprise Alexis began wearing lose tops without any bra and used to wear lose bottoms which showed no evidence if any panty. This puzzled me for some time and I would go to bed wondering what Alexis was doing. So the next day I watched her carefully.

As night time came I was custom to sleeping with just a t-shirt and nothing else as I liked to be free. So the next morning after getting an early phone call on my mobile from my brother saying that they are not coming back on Wednesday, but on Saturday I soon fell asleep. But only having been a asleep for maybe just an hour or so, I felt a hand on my penis gently awaking it up. I first thought that I was dreaming, but I was awake at the time. So I lay there to see how far this would go. The hand continued its exploring of my penis and soon it was rock hard and 6" of solid meat.

Then I got a shock, as through the corner of my eye I saw a tent from as my duvet was raised and a soft and warm mouth swallowed my penis into its home and began to suck. I was in shock ,but also in heaven as having a mouth around my organ and giving me a blowjob. This sucking lasted about 10 minutes then I knew I was going to explode inside this mouth, so I tried to stop the head moving but then my penis was released and out from under the duvet came the face of Alexis. I deep down knew it was her but I was still in shock as receiving a blowjob from my niece. I said, "

Alexis darling what were you doing, I"m your uncle". Alexis replied, "Oh uncle I know, but as I was coming up stairs after getting a hot drink I saw your door open and that your duvet was half off. And what I saw stopped my in my tracks. You were fast asleep and lying on your back and your organ was standing up like a pole. I was frozen by the sight of such a thing for the first time in my life, so I came closer. But what happened is that I began wanting to touch it. So I did but there was no movement from you, so I got under your duvet and climbed onto your bed and positioned myself right over your penis by sitting on your side.

Then I first licked your penis, then I took it all in my mouth. But then you got disturbed and it was too late as I had got to excited not wanting to stop, but then you tried to stop me so I gave up and released your penis". Then I said to Alexis, "Well take the duvet off and see for yourself if my penis is still a pole or has it gone limp". She pulled off the cover and there was my penis still standing proud hard as a rock. I then said, "Why don"t you show yours as you have already seen mine".

Alexis stood there for a second, but then took her hands to her t-shirt and pulled it off, then what I saw was amazing her lovely breast hanging proud and her virgin pussy clean and shave in all its beauty. I told her come onto the bed and lie down next to my so that we can cuddle each other. She did not waste any time and came straight into bed. Now we both cuddled each other and as we did our bodies met for the first time and I felt a electric current go through me as I felt her warm body on mine. Alexis began to fondle my penis as I started to caress her lovely breast.

I told her open her legs so that I could get in the middle. She opens her legs and my hands go to her breast and I begin to kneed them and gently twist her nipples. As I do this they go hard, so she asks me to suck them and bite them. I start to suck and biter her nipples and then she says, "I am feeling some kind of tingling in my pussy and I don"t know where it is coming from". Then I replied, "Oh my baby don"t be worried, that tingle in your pussy is telling you that you are getting turned on. Then she asks me to continue with what I am doing as she likes the tingle.

But as I am twisting and pulling at her left breast, my right hand goes down to the south of her body which is her costly jewel-her pussy. As my hand reached there I just placed my whole hand over her pussy mound and kept it still. As I was still doing my magic on her left breast, she got her right hand and began to move my hand up and down on her pussy. I did not need any more signals, so I began to rub faster and faster, while in between putting my finger into her pussy, and then soon she was so wet that I was getting two of my fingers inside her and finger fucking her.

Alexis was going wild and had orgasm after orgasm, because she would shake and then calm down. She had done this three times already. Alexis was so wet and horny that she asked, "uncle please can you eat my pussy as you have started a fire inside my pussy and it needs to be put out". I said,"Your wish is my command", and positioned myself between her legs. I spread her legs as wide as they could go and placed my mouth over her pussy. Then I put my tongue near her clit and began to lick and eat it out. She went wild with screams of pleasure and came all over my face which I drank hungrily.

But as she was just coming over her first orgasm, I drove my tongue deep into her pussy as far as I could and began to eat her like there was no tomorrow, and as I did it took her over the edge and she had a violent orgasm which lasted a few minutes which I had the pleasure of lapping all up. I left her for a moment and watched her for a while as she continued to breathe heavy. I began to get the urge for some action from my penis as it was now paining me as it was really hard and wanting to burst. It was like Alexis knew my thoughts and said, "

Oh my goss, that was mind blowing I can"t feel my legs after that orgasm, but that tingle has not still gone and I know what is need to finally take that tingle away and that is your penis. So I came in between Alexis"s legs again and positioned my penis over her pussy hole. I said to her, "Look darling I know that you are all wet and have had my two fingers up you, but what I am about to do is going to hurt at first, but afterwards turns to pleasure. You might want me to put on some kind of protection so that you don"t get pregnant".

Alexis replies, "Look we have come this far so don"t worry about putting on any kind of protection as I want to feel you inside me and I am already on the pill so put that hard penis of yours deep inside me and make me a woman". I then again position myself where I was before and I give a little push, and my penis head goes in and Alexis shouts, "Oh that hurts, please do it slowly I will not stop you just ease it in slowly, then when you are in, then I can adjust myself to you". I gets a little worried, but does as she says. I slowly push very gently and as I am pushing I come to her hymen.

I tell her I have come inside her as far as is possible now her cherry is between me and her. She asks will it hurt? I reply, "Only for a second and as I said before it turns to pleasure". Then she says, "Go ahead break my cherry and let"s make love". I then tell her to bite her teeth and hold onto the bed covers. Then I give a strong push inside her pussy and my penis goes in all the way. I look at Alexis, she has tears running down her cheeks and I can see blood on the bed covers. I ask, "I you ok my dear or shall I stop?". She replies.

"No don"t stop start pumping slowly as I get used to your penis". I begin to pump my penis in and out slowly, but within only a short time Alexis shouts, "Now come on drive your organ deep into me as fast as you can and burn my burning tingle with your seed". That was all I needed as I began to start pumping my penis inside her like a piston. I got faster and faster till after she had many orgasms I knew I was about to come. So I told her that I am coming and she said that she is coming to. So we both came at the san=me time. At the time of my release she shouted,

Oh I can feel you shooting deep inside me please don"t let it stop I love to have you shooting inside me". As my penis stopped it shooting, I then fell on top of her ad kissed her breast and put her left nipple into my mouth and then said, "Alexis that was great, I have never come so big in a long time". I get off her and lays next to her. She replies, "I now know what sex is all about and that how enjoy it can be". We lay for some time in each other arms and fell asleep. I while I was in Alexis"s house for the rest of the days had sex with her for breakfast, then lunch and for evening meal.

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