Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Her best friend's mom

Rene had been fascinated with her best friend’s mom since she was girl. Teresa was the epitomy of a MILF, she had legs for days, a washboard stomach, and huge tits. And her face was nothing to throw a bag over either. She had a picture of her in a tiny bikini hidden in a book that she used when she needed some release. She had been three fingers deep in her pussy when the doorbell had rung.

Rene composed herself as much as she could before jumping off the couch and heading to the door. She looked out the side window and took a sharp breath when she saw Teresa standing on her front porch in a flimsy white sundress. With the angle of the sun, Rene could clearly see that Teresa wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She stuck her fingers in her mouth quickly, trying to suck off the pussy juice before she opened the door.

Teresa smiled when she opened the door, “Do you have a minute Rene? I’m on my way to an appointment and I needed to talk to you about Jeni’s 18th birthday party.”

Rene slid her hands into the front pocket of her sweatshirt and smiled, “Sure Teresa, come on in.” She turned to head into the living room again and realized her panties were lying on top of the picture in full view of Teresa, she stopped abruptly, “Let’s go in the kitchen.” She turned around quickly, hoping Teresa hadn’t seen.

Teresa smiled softly and followed Rene into the kitchen where she sat on one of the kitchen stools with her knees slightly parted. Rene sat across from her, her tiny skirt riding up under her ass. She smiled back at Teresa, “So… What did you wanna talk about..?”

Teresa let her knees fall apart just a little, drawing Rene’s eye immediately to the gap between her thighs. She leaned forward and smiled wide, “You want to taste me.” She whispered.

Rene looked up startled, wondering if she had really heard what she thought she heard. She slid forward on her stool, letting her skirt ride up some more, revealing her pussy lips slightly, then looked Teresa in the eye.

Teresa’s eyes were glued to Rene’s hairy pussy, and she had begun rubbing her nipples through the thin material of her dress. Rene leaned forward with her eyes open and slid her tongue between Teresa’s parted lips. Teresa responded urgently, kissing Rene back and taking her face in her hands. “Mmm, I’ve been waiting for you to turn 18 for so long… Ever since that first time you saw me naked when you were 13. You’ve been fucking me with those dark eyes of yours ever since.” She said, pulling away and dropping to her knees in front of Rene.

Teresa pushed back the rest of the tiny skirt and buried her face between Rene’s legs, sliding her tongue along Rene’s dripping slit. She spread her pussy lips and swirled her tongue around Rene’s clit, almost causing her to fall off the stool. Rene slid her hands into Teresa’s hair as she began tongue fucking her. Before long Rene was bucking her hips in Teresa’s face, holding on by her hair.

Teresa came up for air and slid her tongue in Rene’s mouth, encouraging her to suck her own juices off her tongue. Without breaking contact she lifted Rene onto the butcher block table on her back and climbed on top of her, scissoring their legs together. She began to rub their pussies together gently at first, savoring the way Rene moaned into her mouth as their clits rubbed against eachother repeatedly. She began to hump her faster, working herself to a frenzy and finally breaking away from Rene’s mouth she began to really work her hips as she gyrated on top of the 18 year old.

Teresa threw her head back as she began to cum, Rene was convulsing underneath her in the throes of her 2nd orgasm, Teresa continued to grind her clit on top of Rene’s and suddenly she began to squirt, startling Rene at first. Teresa didnt stop, but began to work Rene’s clit harder until suddenly Rene also began to squirt, drenching them both again.

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