Sunday, May 1, 2011

My First Time on Camera

This is a mostly true story. Only a little bit has been exaggerated for artistic fun :).

My name is Jana. I'm 34 and been married for almost 13 years now. I have a great husband who is good to me, most of the time. I love him to death but he is handicapped. He wasn't when we got married it happened in his late 20s (he's only a year older than me). We were already into swinging before he became handicapped. He doesn't really care for sex much anymore. He has a neurological disease and he says it has made his dick mostly numb. He's still kinda fun in bed when I can intice him to do it. His equipment still works and he'll fuck me once in awhile, but not often. He used to but i can understand why he doesn't care about sex anymore. Fortunately he still lets me swing and have other lovers. He encourages it. Sometimes I feel like Lady Chatterly with my cripple husband and lovers on the side.

This happened a few years ago. We were living in Colorado at the time. A ski town that I won't name since this is a mostly true story. We lived there all year but I met a guy who was only there for seasonal work during the ski season. He had family there so he came home for the ski season and then moved elsewhere for summer work. That's what drew me to him at first. My husband and I used to do the same thing before he got sick. Following the tourist season moving like gypsies. It was easy to do as we both had educations in touristy things. He was in hotel/restaurant management and I am a massage therapist. This young guy (almost called him boy, damn i'm getting old) was a co-worker at the resort I worked at. I could tell he liked me but he knew I was married and seemed hesitant to go beyond friendly playful flirting. I hadn't told him I swing. Some people are a little uncomfortable with that or once they find out they assume your a slut.

I am a slut but its not something I want to advertise to the whole world. I told my husband about the guy and he encouraged me to give it a push and make the first move. Which of course I did. I asked him out for a friendly drink after work and he said ok. We went out for coffee and lunch a few more times but the guy (I'll call him Joe) wasn't getting the hint even though he kept staring at my tits alot (36c). Finally we happened to get the same days off for once and he asked me over to his place to watch a movie and have a few drinks. He said my husband could come as well. I told Joe I'd ask him but I doubt my husband would come, he had just bought a new video game and was stuck to the computer when not at work (thats honest truth). Besides I knew Eddie (my husband) would prefer me go on my own, get laid and come home and tell him about it. He claims to like the mental stimulation of hearing of my escapades or watching when we find a guy who is cool with fucking me in front of my handicapped husband (most find it weird unless Eddie is participating).

The day of our little movie date came and I got bored early that day watching my husband geek out in front of the computer. I called Joe and told him exactly that and asked if he wanted to get together for lunch. He agreed and we went for lunch. We had a few drinks at lunch and Joe was quite funny when he was a little tipsy. Eddie and I have been heavy drinkers for a while and I could drink that kid under the table. I didn't want him passing out on me before I got to have my fun. So I suggested we go back to his place and go ahead and pop in the movie. We arrived at his house a rather big place. I knew he couldn't have owned it or afford to rent it and he said it was his parents house. That was a bit of a turn off. I knew his family lived there but I assumed he had his own place. I thought there was no way I'd get to fuck him now if his parents lived with him. But he told me they were out of town for a few days. We went inside and were immediately greeted by his dog. "Oh shit" Joe said "I need to walk him, I completely forgot while we were drinking".

I said it was alright, I love animals I'll walk him with you. We took a walk out back of his house. His house was out of town in the country. We took a nice walk with the dog chatting about work and such. It was a little bit before the ski season and unusually warm for the time but still a bit chilly. I snuggled up next to him as we walked which seemed to surprise him but he went with it. Once the dog did his business and we were walking back i guess the alcohol and my closeness against him finally took over and he finally kissed me. I pulled him closer as we made out for a bit. He then put the dogs leash on a branch of a nearby tree then came back to kiss me. He pushed me back against the tree as we kissed and he fondled my breasts while I rubbed his crotch. As i rubbed it it his dick felt so big through his jeans. As he kissed my neck and moved a little lower to kiss my breasts I undid his pants.

Finally releasing his cock I jerked him some as we continued to kiss. I couldn't see it yet but damn it felt big. I couldn't wait any longer and broke off our kissing and sunk to my knees to kiss his dick. It was bigger than I thought. Probably 9 inches i guess but more importantly it was almost as thick as my wrist. I began to suck his dick eagerly and he moaned as he grabbed my hair. Joe made me stop after only a couple minutes saying he couldn't take it anymore he wanted to fuck me. He stood me up and got my pants partway down as we kissed some more. He then bent me over against the tree and rubbed his cock against my already wet slit. I moaned as he pushed it in and he began to fuck me. Slowly at first then picking up speed. He was an animal. I couldn't keep a good grasp against the tree so he put me on the ground and fucked me doggy. We were both grunting and moaning as he fucked me hard. It felt so good. I felt so full as he rammed into me. My face in the dirt and my ass in the air. He slapped my butt a few times as he kept on fucking me. I think i came at least twice as he fucked me with his big dick. He grabbed my breasts and then came in me. I was on birth control but still like to be safe when with new people but I was so turned on I didn't care as I could feel his cum explode in me.

He slumped against me panting after he came. Then we got up and went back to his house. I called my husband and told him I probably wouldn't be home for awhile while Joe made us some drinks. I could almost hear him smile as he said ok, just bring me the details. Joe brought back a couple of rum and coke for us and we drank. Joe still worried about me being a married woman asked if I was mad. I said of course not, it was fun and told him I liked his dick and hadn't felt that good in a long while. He asked if I had done that before and wouldn't my husband be mad. I told him no and I had called my husband while he was in the kitchen. I explained we've been swingers for some time and offered him to do me with my husband sometime. Joe was unsure of that idea he had never had a threesome before and was not really comfortable with a mmf type threesome.

I leaned in and kissed him again and said it doesn't matter. We can have our own fun. That began a couple day sexual oddessy for us. We went to his bedroom, got naked and had sex more properly than we did out in the woods. I had him down on the bed sucking his dick. When he stopped me and asked, I'm not sure if I want to do a threesome but if your husband likes you doing this maybe we could record it? I wasn't quite sure. It didn't bother me to record it, but I just didn't want to be on some website somewhere. But my horniness took over and I consented. Joe set up his webcam to position it at a good angle for the bed. We tried a couple positions as well as me sucking him and him going down on me till we got it in the best position. I kissed his chest as i stroked his thick cock and asked him what he wanted to try first for our little porno movie. He smiled and said he really wanted to fuck my tits and cum all over me.

Nothing i haven't done before so I smiled and said that sounds fun. I went down on him sucking his dick getting his dick properly slimy enough for the job. Once I got him wet enough I pressed my breasts together and began to tittyfuck him. He only let that go on for a few minutes before he pushed me down to the bed. He stradled me and took control fucking my tits. I sucked the head of his cock as he fucked my tits. He began to get into it as he said dirty things to me. Oh yeah, suck my cock you dirty slut. I'm going to cum all over you bitch. etc. He always seemed so nice and a bit shy I was surprised to see him be so dirty but I loved it as he treated me roughly and sprayed cum all over my breasts and some even reached my face. God I love younger guys. It didn't take long for him to be ready again as we 69ed for a awhile with him on top. He fucked my throat making me choke a little but i didn't mind as he had quite a talented tongue and was quite wet and horny. I usually don't like 69ing.

I want to lay back and enjoy it while someone is eating me and the same when I'm sucking cock. But this time I was so turned on I would have done anything for him and his beautiful cock and ended up doing so. After 69ing for a bit we fucked in many positions for our little porno movie. Missionary, doggystyle, me on top, reverse cowgirl. Everything we could think of. I must have came at least 3 times. He came 2 more times as well. Once he came in me and then another he pulled out and made me suck his dick and swallow and show it for the camera. It was really late when we stopped for a bit. I sent the movie to my husband while Joe made some food for us.

We ate pretty much still naked. His dried cum still caked on my chest. He smiled at me and asked if I was ready to go again. Make another movie? I said sure. You want to put more cum on my breasts? He winked at me and we went back to the bedroom. On your knees slut he commanded. I obeyed and dropped to my knees sucking his big dick in front of the camera. I gave him the best blowjob I could. Sucking his balls. Licking his ass, taking that as deep as I could go till he came all over my face. Look into the camera he commanded. Show your husband what a slut you are and of course i did. Looking directly into the camera with the cum dripping down my cheeks and chin. Back to the bed slut, Joe commanded. I laid down on the bed. Whose slut are you? I'm your slut baby.

You'll do anything for me won't you whore?

Yes, Joe I'll do anything. I moaned as he entered me again missionary. He kept talking to dirty to me as he fucked me. I thought you'd say that you milf slut. He pulled out of me and I whimpered a little as his cock left my cunny. On your hands and knees slut, face the camera. I want your husband to see your cum drenched face as we do this. I obeyed and stared into the camera with my ass in the air.

I assumed he was going to fuck me doggy, which he did for a little bit, but that was only to get his dick plenty wet before he started pushing it into my ass. I gasped. Owwwww! Please no! You're too big! He pulled my hair and said, "shutup slut. I know you can take it" He was at least sort of gentle as he eased into me. I've done anal several times but god he was big. "Play with youself slut, it will make it easier" I did as he commanded. I liked the rough treatment even though anal isn't my favorite thing but it did make it easier as i fingered myself while he fucked my ass. "Look in the camera girl. tell your husband what a whore you are."
"i'm a filthy whore baby!"

"tell him what you're doing"

"I'm getting fucked in the ass by the biggest cock I've ever had. I'm his slut! I'm a whore for his big cock it's so wonderful!"

"how many times have you cum today?"

"I'm not sure at least 4 times i think" i moaned as he banged into my ass mercilessly. "Don't cum in my ass" i pleaded.

"I have other ideas anyway you slut"

He pulled out as he grabbed my hair and shoved his dick in my face. The rational side of my mind took over and was a bit repulsed at sucking his dick that had just been in my ass. But he didn't give me much chance he forced his dick in my mouth and sucked. I love sucking dick anyway and was so turned on I gave in. I sucked his dick and he pulled out to cum on my face again.

He put the camera on me and made me speak into it again with cum in my eye. "I'm his slut for now, hope you like the movie."

We took a shower together and fucked again in the shower. I was amazed how long this kid could keep going. He was wearing me out and making me a bit sore to be honest, but I couldn't stop. I was totally his cock slave at the time.

After the shower we went to bed. (to sleep). I woke him up in the morning sucking his dick letting him cum in my mouth to start the day. We didn't film anymore but after breakfast he fucked me again on the couch before I left.

I got home around noonish. Asked my husband if he received the video we sent. He said he got it and it was really hot. He kissed me passionately took me to the bedroom. He took my clothes off saw some of the bite marks and began to eat me. He was wild, much more so than i'd seen him be in quite some time. He got me to cum a couple times before he mounted me and asked about the things that happened off camera as he fucked me. I told him that he was getting sloppy seconds for the morning and our time in the shower. He fucked me harder with each word and filled me again.

Though sore it was a good couple days. Joe and I were regular fuck buddies for the winter season till he left in spring. I did eventually talk him into the threesome with me and my husband maybe i'll tell that story later.

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