Monday, May 9, 2011

My first girl

Ok for this I will change the name of the person involved, but the rest is true.

I was 17 at the time, left school, working part time in a cafe and hating it. I used yo go out and get pretty drunk with my friends when I could and look out for a real older guy.
After a while I started dating Craig, nothing serious but he was ok. The sex seemed good but too quick really and there was no real feeling of being complete after.

Things started to cool a little and they really went off one night when an old schoolfriend asked me for a dance, not a smooch, just a dance to an upbeat song. That's when it all kicked off. Craig saw me, walked up to us, pushed my friend away and slapped me across the face calling me a filthy little ugly slut. I just turned and ran out of the place, crying and ran straight into my friend Kim. She was totally shocked and took me to her place to clean up.

We soon got there and found that her folks were out so she took me up to her room and got some warm water and a flannel and started to clean my face up for me. I was so upset though and she held me, stroking my hair and my back which felt so comforting, warm and, kind of nice, like friends doing it but a little more even though neither of us had never been with another girl before, although I had heard things about her but had never believed them.

Then she pulled back from me and rubbed my tears away with the back of her finger ans stroked my cheek so softly, while whispering to me that it's ok and she's there for me. I smiled a little bit and she kissed my nose and my cheek and I just held her tighter. We looked at each other and she moved to kiss my lips , half expecting me to pull away I think, but I didn't. I responded and we kissed, then kissed again but this time longer and harder, our tongues finding each others and our hands feeling the warmth of our bodies under our dresses.

We were really pressing up close to each other now and I was getting quite caught up in all this so she pulled away again and asked if I was ok with this. I managed to nod and say yes and she took my hand and led me to her bed, bidding me to lie down on it with her.

She lay next to me and we started kissing again, but now her hands were moving more, her fingers sliding lightly over my hips and across my breasts and I never resisted when she pulled a shoulder strap down and let her finger run down my neck, over my chest and my breast until it gently encountered my left nipple, hesitating at first as if to gain permission, but then rubbing it, making it harden and making me gasp.

She sat me up and I allowed her to take the dress off over my head and then I lay back again while she took mine and her shoes off before continuing to caress, kiss and stroke me like I had never ever known. She ran her tongue all over me and eventually got to my thighs which she kissed and licked as I involuntarily parted them, but she did not just lunge for me, she took her time and then looked at me in the eyes as if asking if she could go that bit further.

I think my reaction gave it away and I really gave out a sigh as she ran her fingers over my pants and then slipped them off. I was hers and she started to slowly rub and caress me, brushing my clitoris at times but not rubbing it constantly, slipping a finger inside my wetness and then and I'll never forget, then replacing her hand with her mouth. Her tongue tasting me, her lips kissing me and sucking my clitoris and labia, her hands stroking me as I was holding her head and pushing her into me, raising my hips to meet her tongue.

Then it started, I was dripping wet and she was drinking me and I tensed, my orgasm building and growing until it hit me. I screamed and almost cried from the shear impact of it. It was so amazing and as it subsided I just lay there, out of breath and with a huge smile on her face.

Kim got up and kissed me and then took her clothes off. Then she got back on the bed with me and we made love like only two young girls can.

Anyway, that was my first time with a girl and it's one that I'll never forget.

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