Monday, May 9, 2011

While the husbands are away

The six of them had always got along, so when the men announced they were going away on a golfing weekend the girls decided to treat themselves to a pamper weekend. As they pulled up the driveway of the large country hotel they let out a collective “Wow”. If the standard of service was as impressive as the building they were in for a fabulous weekend.

After checking in they decided to go straight to the pool for a swim. They signed in, were given their towels and went through to the changing rooms. Looking around Sophie was taken aback. The changing rooms were all open plan with no cubicles to protect privacy. She had known Angie and Sue for years, but had never seen them naked, or been naked in front of them, and now she felt very uncomfortable at the thought.

Angie apparently had no such inhibitions and soon she was completely naked, foraging in her bag for her bikini. In spite of herself Sophie couldn’t help looking at Angie’s exposed body, and thinking how healthy and toned it looked. Angie proceeded to put on a very small bikini which did almost nothing to hide her athletic figure.

Sue wasn’t far behind and soon she was ready in a bikini only slightly less revealing than Angie’s. Sophie was caught between her instinctive desire to remain covered up and not wanting to look foolish in front of her friends. Not wanting to look foolish won the day, and she undressed, feeling very exposed to the eyes of her friends. As she removed her underwear she looked up to see them both smiling at her. She smiled a forced smile back at them as she donned her bikini, which was slightly more modest than theirs, but not by a huge amount. Like both of her friends Sophie was in good shape from long sessions in the gym.

It was not the most energetic swim that any of them had ever had, and consisted in reality of a few lengths then standing at the edge chatting. As they were clearly not getting any real exercise in the pool, Sue suggested they go sit in the Jacuzzi instead. The other two agreed and soon they were enjoying the sensation of the warm bubbling water.

They hadn’t been in there long when Angie started giggling. Responding to the quizzical glances from the other two, she explained that she had discovered the pleasurable impact of positioning herself over the top of one of the jets in the Jacuzzi. At her suggestion the other two tried it, and soon they were all a bit silly and giggly. They did their best to calm down when a couple got in with them. This was helped by having to move round to make room for them, so they had to vacate their carefully chosen seats.

After they had moved round Sophie felt the bottom of Sue’s leg pressing against hers. She knew it was just because there wasn’t that much room in there, but the sensation was giving her a slight sense of unease that she struggled to put her finger on.

Shortly the timer on the Jacuzzi switched the bubbles off and the three friends went into the sauna. They were the only ones in there so they all got to lay out along the benches. It wasn’t long before they were all glistening with sweat. As Sophie brushed some beads of perspiration from her abs she noticed Angie doing the same. Once more she had that sense of unease as she watched her friend running her hands down her toned, shiny body.

Things didn’t get any better when they finished in the sauna and went to get showered and changed. Sophie couldn’t get over how comfortable her two friends were at being naked in the open plan showers and changing rooms. She was also finding it distressingly difficult to not keep looking at them as they rubbed the shower gel into a lather all over their bodies. As she watched them both get dressed she tried to come to terms with her feelings. She knew she couldn’t fancy them. They were women, and she’d never felt any leanings in that direction. Maybe it was simply their apparent self confidence that made her want to be like them. This self analysis didn’t last long, and as soon as they were dressed they headed off to the bar for a pre dinner drink.

The rest of the evening was great fun, and they chatted, ate and drank until almost midnight, before calling it a night and heading off back to their rooms. Sophie felt much more comfortable undressing in the privacy of her room, and soon she was naked in bed, casually running her hands over her body. Logically she knew she was in good shape, but on an emotional level she struggled to accept it. As her fingers wandered over her bare flesh she felt herself starting to get aroused, and soon she was working away at her pussy and clit, feeling the moistness as her excitement rose. It wasn’t long before she was coming, feeling her pussy walls tighten on her fingers as they continued to slide in and out, until the intensity of the sensation became too much for her.

Sophie drifted off into a deep and satisfied sleep and woke refreshed and ready for a serious day’s pampering. Over breakfast the three of them discussed the treatments they had booked, and agreed to meet for a quick lunch, in between being spoiled.
They all had a wonderful morning, and over lunch agreed to meet up in Angie’s room for a drink before they went down for dinner. Then they returned to their pampering, all of them thinking how easily they could get used to this way of life.

Sophie knocked on Angie’s door just after 6, to find that Angie and Sue had just made a start on the first bottle of wine. She gratefully accepted the glass that was offered to her and sat on the bed with the others as they chatted about how their day had been. They had all had full body treatments in the afternoon. Sophie and Sue had gone for the aromatherapy massage and Angie had chosen the full body exfoliation and massage.

“I don’t know about you two” said Angie, “But my treatment was such a turn on. Whole body meant whole body, and I laid there totally naked having different cleansers and lotions rubbed in everywhere. My masseur was really sexy too.”
“Lucky you” responded Sophie. “My masseur was a woman”
“So was mine” laughed Angie
“But you said your masseur was sexy” mumbled Sophie.
“She was. And she had an incredible touch”
“But she’s a woman. You’re married. You like men” Sophie could feel herself flushing, although she didn’t know why.
“Sue and I went to an all girls school you know. Some habits die hard” Angie was grinning now. Sophie on the other hand was blushing bright red.
“Haven’t you ever even been curious about what it might feel like to go with another woman?” asked Sue.

“Of course not.”
“Are you sure? You did seem to enjoy watching us in the shower last night”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“So when we were all naked and so close to each other it did nothing for you?”
“No.” Sophie was almost shouting now.

“This should have no effect on you then” smiled Sue as she reached down and pulled her vest top off over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and as Sophie stared at her pert breasts, she realised with a start that it was having an effect. She just shook her head in a half hearted effort at denial.

“What about this then?” asked Angie as she undid her blouse to reveal a sexy white skimpy vest. Sophie remained struck dumb, her eyes darting from one friend to the other. As she watched they both got off the bed and removed their leggings, leaving them both in sensual white panties.

They climbed back on the bed and knelt either side of Sophie. “Your turn then” said Angie as she and Sue eased her t-shirt up and over her head. As they did so she could feel their fingers brushing against her bare flesh. She shivered and felt the goosebumps rise on her. She also felt her nipples harden.

The two women then directed Sophie up onto her knees so they could lower her shorts, leaving her exposed in just a pair of skimpy panties. She now felt very unsure of herself and vulnerable. To her astonishment she also felt extremely excited. While she was coming to terms with these conflicting feelings, Sue and Angie were each kissing one of her breasts, slowly circling her nipples with their tongues before sucking greedily on them. At the same time they eased her panties down to expose her smooth pussy.

Sue murmured her approval as she slid her hand between Sophie’s legs and started to tease her clit. Sophie responded by easing her legs slightly further apart and gently rocking her hips back and forwards. Sue took this as an invitation to slip two fingers inside Sophie’s pussy, making sure she maintained contact with her clit as she did so. Sophie’s breathing grew faster and shallower and she started to let out little moans as the combined assault of her friends’ mouths and fingers drove her towards a shuddering climax.

As her orgasm subsided Sue removed her fingers and offered them up to Angie who eagerly sucked them clean. Sophie collapsed back on the bed and watched as Sue and Angie embraced each other, their fingers exploring and probing as they kissed. They appeared totally absorbed in what they were doing until Angie glanced down and noticed her lying there. “Hey you, you not joining in the fun?” she asked as she laid down next to her. Sophie didn’t respond but put up no resistance when Angie took her hand and placed it over one of her breasts. Tentatively she tightened her fingers slightly, feeling the soft firm flesh. Angie’s nipple hardened against the palm of her hand, and instinctively she took it between her thumb and forefinger and started tweaking it, gently at first then with increasing pressure. The moans of pleasure coming from Angie told her she must be getting something right, and she felt strangely pleased with herself.

Not to be left out, Sue crawled up the bed until she could lean over Sophie so one of her breasts was brushing against her lips. Sophie kissed it lightly, before using her tongue to lick round the nipple, bringing it full hardness, before sucking it into her mouth. As she sucked she used her tongue to flick at the nipple, increasing the pleasurable sensation for Sue.

Suddenly all of her inhibitions melted away and she temporarily abandoned Sue to roll over onto all fours and kiss, lick and suck at Angie’s tits as she reached down to stroke her clit, feeling the dampness from her pussy. Sensing this change in attitude Sue crouched behind Sophie so she could lick at her clit and arsehole while fingering her pussy. Soon Angie was climaxing, and Sophie lost no time in turning her attentions to Sue. She was now getting totally carried away with the excitement, kissing Sue and tasting her own pussy juices on her lips and tongue. Soon she had her head buried between Sue’s legs returning the favour and licking her until she too came.

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