Monday, May 9, 2011

Sexy sister in law Lisa

It was a hot sumer evening and I was sitting on my deck enjoying a cold brew while the family was away for a week when I heard a car pull up. I heard the click of heels and saw Lisa walking up the driveway. Lisa is 38,with long blond hair,very attractive with sexy pouty lips,sexy ass and full breasted with legs that always turned me on.

She was wearing a sexy loose dress low cut and sexy heels. She had stopped by to see my wife and as we hugged, I knew that she had been drinking! i told her that I was alone and asked her if she wanted something to drink and offered her a cold beer as she sat down she crossed her legs and got a look at her sexy legs and thighs! We talked and drank and before i knew it we had consumed several beers and I started to get horny and my cock was getting hard from seeing her legs and tits. As she got up to use the restroom, she almost stumbled and I held her and felt her tits against my arm! She walked into the house and I was right behind her! she was in the bathroom for a while and knocked on the door to find out if she was ok.

I opened the door and found her standing in front of the mirror with her dress off wearing nothing but a blue thong rubbing her tits! I stood there transfixed not knowing what was ging on and I rubbed my growing cock! She looked at me and said that she was really feeling the drinks and feeling sexy (horny?) and knew that we were alone and that she wanted to play around but was afraid of how I would react. She began crying telling me that she had not had sex with her husband for a while and that she needed to be held and shown that she was wanted!

Well, I wanted to show her that she was wanted and I held her and began caressing her back and we kissed and I felt her tongue enter my mouth and we kissed even more deeply. i cupped her tit and felt the large erect nipple and then began to lick her tits.We kissed and i guided her hand to my cock which was rock hard and she began rubbing it making me even hornier if that was possible!

I pulled away from her and pulled her into the bedroom as I began to strip as we climbed into bed.We lay there kissing as she stroked my cock and my hand was at her cunt rubbing it through her thong!

Lisa had always been what I call a flasher wearing low cut clothing, short dresses and tight cut offs and the thrill of her moaning next to me made me suck her tits more and I pulled her thong off and began to lick her wet cunt and ran my tongue over her clit which made her moan even louder! I rolled over and we got into a 69 and began to lick her deeper as she stroked my cock with her hand and then I felt her lips take my cock into her mouth and began a wonderful sucking! we sucked for what seemed for hours and I pulled her onto her back and pulled her legs up and ran my tongue into her ass running my tongue into the tight hole and tasted her pussy juices runing down into her ass! i grabbed my cock and started rubbing it around her juicy pussy and on her clit and slowly slid my cock into her pussy! Her pussy was tight as I began to push into her and felt her tighten her cunt on cock as we began to fuck! She was moaning softly at first and began to grab my back and i kissed her deeply as we rocked back and forth.

I pulled her up and got behind her and entered her again and my cock was sliding in and out of her love channel! I was feeling hot and was ready to cum and she wanted to take my cum in her mouth. I lay back down and she got on top and began to suck my cock! I could feel the cum ready to explode out and I shouted that I was cumming as she held my cock and I began to shoot my cum into her mouth. She took the load and oped her mouth to show me that she had not swallowed the load and she pulled me down and began to kiss me and i tasted my cum as we kissed and shared my load! wow!
We lay there spent and sweaty just enjoying the moment. We kissed deeply and held each other just feeling what just took place. We showered together and sat just enjoying each other.

This took place last summer and since that time we have had only opportunity to have sex together but she has surprised me several times! I have found her thong in my desk drawer with the aroma of her cunt and with a pair of her pantyhose in my truck as a reminder of things past and what may come in the future. This summer I will be be alone for several weeks and who knows what will cum up. I wait for surprises. Lisa was here yesterday and felt her tongue in my mouth and her tits caressed. My cock is always hard whenever I see her and I can't wait for summer to come!!

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