Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My first Lesbian sex

Michael and I had only been dating for a few days when he decided he wanted my body. I didnt feel comfortable having sex with him. I told him no. Michael was obviosly not happy but he said it was "cool". We were making out hardcore one night and I wanted him so bad. I wanted his big hard cock inside my tight pussy! I began undoing his pants when he stopped me and he told me that I wasn"t ready. We argued for a while until he slapped me. I ran out of his house crying and went to my best friend Sybil"s house. She is the sexiest thing on the planet. She has GIANT boobs. She is a DD cup. Im only a C. She has a perfect figure.

She saw me crying and hugged me. I looked up and noticed, she was only wearing a towel! "Why are you naked?" I asked. "I just got out of the shower. Can I get up to get dressed?" Sybil replied. I couldn't help but look at her tits. They were hardly covered by the towel. "No. You can"t leave me. Ha Ha" I smiled. Sybil looked at me and asked if I wanted some pajamas to wear. I said yes because I would get to change with the hottest girl ever! I began having thoughts that I were a lesbian. I didnt mind them. I knew what I wanted. I wanted her.

We sat down on her couch and started watching a movie. I had to make a move! "So sybil," I asked "I heard that you were bi." "WHO TOLD YOU?" she exclaimed. "This guy." i said back "Well I am but come on Shy, I"m way too sexy to be for guys only! You gotta admit, I"m hot." I stared at her. I was a little turned on. "Shy, I love you. Dont let this ruin our friendship but, I"ve seen you look at my tits. So, here." She lifted up her shirt and threw it across the room. She closed the blinds. "I will say I might have looked a few times but, you said it yourself. Your sexy as hell" As she sat back down she smiled. Sybil removed her bra.

She looked at my boobs and giggled a little. She took off my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra. She asked, "Very nice! Can I?" I was so horny. I nodded. She first caressed my boobs. Then she leaned in and licked my nipples with an occasional nibble. I moaned quietly. I layed down and she glanced at her pants. I said, "Come here. I need your pussy! I need it now!" Without a word she moved a little and I undid her pants. Her underwear was soaked. I figured mine were too.

I pulled her towards me and made her sit on my face. I licked her clit and licked it good. She was now moaning like crazy. I licked faster and she began riding my face! This felt like a dream! I stuck my tongue in her pussy. Sybil rode my face harder. She screamed, "Im gonna cum! Oooooh!!! Lick my pussy! Yes! Shy! Shy! Yes!" Her juices poured into my mouth! I loved the taste! She then said, "My turn." I felt myself get wet. She told me to stand up. "Now bend over onto the couch. Spread your legs." I did as Sybil said. She licked my ass whole first. That was a new sensation! I felt her finger touch my pussy. I got wetter. She licked my pussy and fingered it.

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