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After high school coven

100% fiction!

Well here it is then. Well past the depths of mid-night and my best friend was getting ready to get her jollies off on my older sister. It is true that I pretty much did take my nether region frustrations out on her brothers.

"Turn about is fair play!" She had said

I would say that I"ve created a monster but even Dr. Frankenstein knew when to take a rest and recovery hiatus.

Well this very dirty doctor is headed to her shower. Call it an executive decision but my pleasantly abused ass is closed for business. At least until I can walk around again without giving myself cramps.

I rolled my eyes at her and shrugged, as I quietly closed the door behind me and walked carefully toward my room. As I tossed my exceptionally weed scented clothes onto my bed I started to feel a little guilty.

Not exactly because I didn"t play with Sara and my sister like she had started, so much as I knew there was no way at all Sara could handle my sister without help.

While starting my shower, I rubbed my sore hips and buttocks while trying to get some warm water going. Stepping under the wonderful spray, I started lathering up with my favorite body lotion and was about to start on my hair when I felt an unmistakable presence in there with me.

Turning around of course, there was Sara looking more than a little rejected.

"Don"t look at me like that!" I commanded her.

"Do you really expect me to try and make a play on Stephanie smelling like I just had sex in a pot field?"

It is impossible for her to stay upset for very long. It"s just not in Sara"s nature.

"You missed a spot." She cooed while grabbing my loofah brush.

Bending my head backwards, I let the water rush through my long raven hair, turning it to sheer ebony. As my natural waves straightened from the weight of the water, it"s overall length fell half way down my ample breasts.

Sara went to work scrubbing my back and caressing my soapy bottom. She gradually traced a path with her finger past the small of my back making me tremble. Playfully pinching my butt cheeks, to distract me. She quickly darted her middle finger at my ass-hole. I cried out as much from discomfort as surprise.

"Sara! Be careful! That is still very tender you know."

"I guess, I didn"t." She pouts. "I"m sorry I let Kevin take you there. I thought you were ready and I got too carried away."

I turned my head back to her and smiled.

"Sara! Stop that! It"s okay really. Sure it hurt but it was worth it. I knew what I was doing last night...Mostly. Besides now I have done something I know for a fact you have not done yet. So... Nyah!"

I turned back around and started my self-breast exam giggling. Even without seeing her I could feel her eyes burning into the back of my head.

"And I"m never going to either you fucken ass-slut!" She spanked me as hard as she could, as she said "ass" causing me to fall forward against the shower wall.

Gasping from the strange mixture of unexpected erotic pleasure and pain I looked back at her soaked naked body.

"Oh you are so going to pay for THAT you little BRAT!" I growled at her trying to look seriously threatening. Now it was her turn to roll her eyes at me and shrug.

"Yea yea... Promises, promises."

She ran a handful of shampoo into my hair while expertly massaging my head with her pudgy fingers. This is not the first shower we have taken a shower together after all.

"I can"t believe you fucked my brothers." She mumbled fairly loud enough for me to hear, on purpose.

"I hope you"re fucken happy, stupid bitch! Now Steve is probably in love with you and I"ll have to live with him mooning after you for gawds knows how long."

"Oooooh your right! I guess I"ll just have to keep screwing him then. That will teach me!" I keep giggling wildly until she gives me a cheap shot to my hip.

"I"m serious Carly! You know how my brothers are. By next week it"s going to be all over school about what we did. Kevin won"t hesitate to brag about nailing your ass..."

"Oh puh-leeze... Really?" I interrupted her. "You scare so easy girl! You saw how afraid they are of us. Do you really think Kevin is going to risk your parents finding out about his little tryst with you? Like I said to them. Nobody ever needs to know. Besides I have an idea about how to make discretion worth their while."

She looked so adorably puzzled for a moment or so. That I was taken with her, on the inside, all over again. I winked at her and she accepted my permission.

Pressing against my slick, soapy body she planted a hot breath kiss onto one of my hidden vulnerable spots. Right on my neck, just behind my ear. I trembled as shock-waves reverberated throughout me, tickling my upper thighs and arousing my nipples. She knows me all too well.

It soon became clear that she was no longer going to be content with our old limits and boundaries as she gave me a very sensual hug. Reaching downward she cupped my hairy mound. Parting the folds of my vaginal lips and stroking my clitoris with one hand, she penetrated my newly deflowered special hole with the other.

Two fingers simulated the thrusting action I was given by her brother just hours ago as her hardened nipples pressed into my back.

"Noticed how he did that I see..." I gasped.

"It was hard to miss. He moved your whole body back and forth as you came." She breathed her response into my ear.

My legs spread further apart complying to her wicked assault. She pulled her fingers out of me and licked the mixture of my cream and her brothers still up inside me.

"That tastes so good! I want more." She reported as she knelt down between my legs and started eating my sore but aroused pussy for her first time with me.

"Your pretty twisted for a proper hippie chic." I responded.

The water drenched us both and began to turn cold although I doubt either of us noticed. I could tell she was in heaven. Enjoying me as i"m sure she always wanted to for so long. Last night changed us both of course.

Not only were we fully awakened women at last. But we no longer could deny our true feelings for each other. Sure we like riding a hard cock. But we would always be special lovers for each other then just as we still are now.

My first girl on girl orgasm struck me like a pulsing, powerful wave.

I trembled and shook as she tongue fuked me mercilessly. I creamed her face and she took it all gasping for more. I slammed my fist into the shower tap shutting off the cold water as we both collapsed in a heap onto the tiled floor.

Eventually we both made it to my bed and crawled under the covers together. We kissed and playfully wrestled each other for awhile until she finally had me pinned down squarely on my back.

Straddling my thigh she humped me with an erotic rhythm. Before long I felt her wet newly washed sex tremble against my leg, as she was taken by her first full contact orgasm with me. I reached around and squeezed her buttocks. An air of mischief over took me and I poked her tight virgin ass-hole.

Unexpectedly she gasped in complete arousal and started having what i"m reasonably sure was a chain of multiples. Encouraged, I penetrated her further with my probing finger. She started making small short screams of a forbidden nature so I quickly stopped.

Her string of orgasms finally subsided and she settled onto my shoulder looking far beyond contented. Within seconds I could feel her gentle breath of sleep. In mere moments we were both locked in peaceful embrace... Until morning.

You know that feeling you get when you"re not sure if your awake or just dreaming about being awake. As I recall I wish that was the case. Bright sunlight streamed through my window as I blinked my eyes and tried to focus on my alarm clock.

"It"s past 7:00." Stephanie"s voice. My head was foggy from trying to wake up as I started to sit up only to be stopped by the pressing weight of my my very naked best friend laying on top of me.

I swallowed hard and covered my face with my hands. I really had no idea what to say. Unfortunately, my sister had no such problem.

"It"s about time you two finally stopped pretending. I can honestly say neither of you was actually fooling anyone. Personally I was hoping you would not switch teams out right, but I can deal."

Sighing she continued. "You better pull yourself together and get ready for school or your both going to be late. Better start working on a good excuse for your lover girl here, to have stayed over night on a school night without permission. It"s dads house and still moms rules."

I nodded quickly feeling a twinge of shame. Even at our late teen age, we still had to deal with curfew rules. The rent is affordable so we accept it.

"Speaking of which, you"re tree hugging, hoochie-pie, was in my room last night. You will both be in there tonight, promptly at 8:30 to discuss it or else."

I nodded again and she left abruptly. It was not very often that my sister wanted to "Discuss something" with me. To make a long story short, my sister and I didn"t argue or fight. Whatever violation was committed, it was going to cost me something.

Oh well I thought. It can"t be all that bad. I"m certain that Sara didn"t do anything to her. She probably just forgot to put her sex toy back where she found it before coming to join me in the shower... I hope.

We made it to school on time but but we looked like gypsies since we hurriedly got dressed in my spare dresser clothes. Resulting in a pair of off the wall miss-matched outfits. The first person to notice was the last person I was hoping to see that day.

The head of the cheer leading squad. Slender, athletic and impossibly gorgeous green eyed blond Julia. Who, because of those damned alluring eyes of hers developed the nickname, Jade. She was the queen of popularity and I"m still the nobody book worm. Who just got laid by two men last night and a nympho-maniac woman this morning. What the hell IS my problem anyway?

She took one look at us and bent over laughing. Gasping for air she finally managed a comment between breaths.

"So this is what is fashionable this year. Or did you two take up getting dressed in the dark? I really hope you at least have on your own underwear."

I strode right up to her and looked her in the face from a few inches away. She recoiled slightly as if expecting me to hit her.

"I seriously doubt that you have the guts to find out..."

"I"m not afraid of you and I could care less about your sicko games." She replied partially trembling.

"Fine! Then prove it. Meet us in the girls locker room at lunch and we will settle this."

"Okay by me skank! you and me alone..."

"Oh hell no!" I interrupted. "You insulted BOTH of us. Bring along one of your little cheer whores if you have to, but you show up or everyone knows your afraid of backing up your mouth."

I shoved past her as she stumbled to the ground. I"m not sure what exactly this new me is capable of. But so far I like it. Pretty words to be sure but a few hours later I was on the verge of pissing myself at any moment.

What the hell have I done? Jade is in great shape and exercises everyday. She can jump 4 feet in the air for goodness sake.

What was I thinking? She could turn me into a pale little pretzel complete with pictures of her standing over my remains smiling. Along with that well practiced parade float wave of hers.

As if time was dead set on torturing me, I had plenty of time to think about it before lunch period finally came. Sara and I made our way to the ladies locker room like we were sent down death row.

"Explain to me again how I got added into this?" She asked in a scolding tone.

We changed into our gymnastics clothes and did our best to practice looking anything but terrified as we sat on the benches awaiting our fate. Soon enough Jade walked in from a side door and stood alone in front of us.

"So; think you can take us both alone huh? Talk about... Arrogant." I stammered. I knew full well she probably could. My voice was trembling like I was standing in a blizzard.

"Uh. Actually no I don"t." She said in a hushed voice.

"Look I really didn"t think you two would really be here and you both are. So I"ve thought about it and I was a real mean bitch okay. I"m sorry for what I said. Can we just drop it and let it all go? I"m not the bully type, I just act that way because i"m kind of a leader, in a way, you know?"

Sara fell off her bench exclaiming something spiritually thankful. I on the other hand was relieved beyond words and should have shut-up and let it go right there. However; I didn"t have the ability.

"You call that an apology? What the hell?" I moved toward her with a savage look in my eyes and she started to panic.

I grabbed her by the hair on either side of her head and held her in place. She went limp as a rag doll, as tears started to form onto her cheeks. It was the first time I had ever come face to face with someone who"s whole life was connected to their looks. She was genuinely terrified that I was actually capable of hurting anyone.

"Oh. you"re not getting off that easy!" I exclaimed shoving her roughly against the row of lockers.

In one swift move I was french kissing her shocked open mouth. My tongue played with hers as she was pressed firmly against me. It was no mystery that she had never really kissed another girl before, much less a full figured one like me. To this day i"m not exactly sure, but before I was done, I think she was kissing me back.

"Now then. That was much better." I announced happily as I pushed away from her. Hugging her once more for effect, I shoved her toward Sara and ordered her to apologize to my best friend next. She was caught by my wide eyed friend with wide spread arms and received a second erotic kiss whether she was ready or not.

She tumbled back out the doors in a complete haze. We both watched her leave and then looked at each other grinning.

"All this cat fighting has made me hungry." Sara declared. "I agree, time to eat!" Just like that we headed out the door, still in our gym outfits.

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The rest of the day passed uneventfully and we did manage to change back into our regular cloths for the last 2 hours of the school day. I explained, as we started to walk home, about how Stephanie found us in bed together.

She smirked and shrugged it off. It occurred to me, at that moment, that she had reached the point where nothing around me was going to easily shock her anymore. I went on to relay our instructions to be in Stephanie"s room that night.

Since this is not a school night, I suspect the only thing she took from that was that she was going to get to sleep with me again that night. The look on her face confirmed it. I really had created a nookie-monster. I had no idea how much that was true until later that night.

Sure enough 8:30 rolled around and my sister was home from work. We all met in her room and sat on her bed.

"Okay then, what was hippie girl doing in my room last night and how did it involve my vibrator?" She demanded straight to the point.

"It"s my fault..." I started but Stephanie interrupted with a waved hand and stern look.

"I"m not asking you, I"m asking her. I"ll get back to you in a moment."

Sarah looked down at her feet for while and then looked back up into my sisters eyes.

"I wanted to use a toy on Carly, so I tried to take one of yours. But I chickened out. I"m sorry. It won"t happen again."

"Terrible." Stephanie sighed.

"Well I am sorry." Sara tried again.

"No stupid. I"m talking about your lying. It sucks."

"Maybe you"re sorry, maybe not. I can assure you though, after tonight, you"re going to be!"

She got off the bed and went into her closet.

"What was that supposed to mean?" Sara whispered to me as we watched the door to the walk-in closet. I shrugged at her as my sisters work clothes flew out the door and onto the floor.

A few moments later we watched with gaping mouths as my sister emerged from her closet wearing a mostly see through teddy straight out of a sex store catalog.

I had never seen so much of my sister before. She looked even fuller and properly proportioned without regular cloths on. She looked amazing! The lingerie top was strapless and frilly, teal mixed with pink and virginal white cups supporting her heaving breasts. Underneath the sheer silk she had on a snug red G-string that failed to conceal all of her neatly trimmed bush.

"Strip! Both of you." She commanded with a voice of complete authority. Judging by the look in my sisters eyes, now was definitely not the time for back talk. Sara and I peeled off our clothes as Stephanie went over and locked the door. Next she went over to her vanity table and found one of her big hair brushes and placed it on the bed.

Looking over our naked bodies for a moment she bit her lower lip and smiled. I could only imagine what fresh hell she had planned for her own personal fun and amusement.

Next she instructed us to get on our knees and bend over the foot of the bed. She retrieved the infamous vibrator from her night stand as well as 2 pairs of fuzzy hand-cuffs. In moments Sarah and I were helpless. Our hands cuffed behind our backs and faces buried into Stephanie"s blankets.

"Now then, we are going to play a little game." Stephanie announced. I am going to ask the question again. You are going to tell me the truth. Not at first I bet. But after awhile you will."

She knelt down behind us and spread our legs apart so that mine over-lapped Sara"s. She then took one of her stockings and bound her captives together by the ankles.

She then felt between our legs caressing our sex and penetrated us. Sara and I let out a simultaneous gasp.

"Oh my! Girls? Did someone make women out of you two? How interesting. Feels like a man did the deed too. That"s very good. I"m glad your not wasting that sultry body of yours exclusively on other women after all sis." She took the thick hard plastic brush and gently used it on my pubic hair.

The feeling was incredible, after only a few strokes my arousal was growing intensely.

"Sara... What did you want my vibrator for?"

"I told you already. I wanted to play with Carly."

"LIAR!" My sister declared and she brought the flat surface of the brush down hard onto my bare bottom. My body shook as I screamed into the bed. The brush came down a couple more times before she flipped it back around to further groom my mound bringing back the dark pleasurable sensations.

"You don"t want your lover to be too sore to play with you tonight do you? Time to tell the truth now or your getting it next."

Gawds! If she only knew the condition I was in while Stephanie took me in the shower this morning. But there was no way I was telling her that.

"Okay! Okay just please stop!" Sara begged. "It was you, alright? I wanted to play with you."

"Now that"s better." My sister stated as she stood up and started to untie us.

"That"s it? You believe her just like that?"

"Well, the real truth is. I wasn"t quite as asleep as I let on last night." She confessed to our deeply blushing faces.

"So then. Show me exactly what you had in mind with this thing!" She told Sara while giving her the vibrator. Then set about kissing my newly bruised bottom. My best friend went to work on my sisters g-string pushing the thin cloth aside and rubbing her pink inner-lips with the vibrating toy.

Obviously; I had no idea my sister was attracted to girls at all. The past couple of days I"ve learned more at home than all semester in school. She kneaded my butt aggressively and roughly inserted a finger inside my back door causing me to yelp.

"Oh my. Lost it here too I see and recently it seems. How VERY interesting sis." She rolled me over onto my back and buried her face into my dripping cuny. I can"t believe my sister is seducing me on her own bed in front of my best friend.

Sara was right, turn about is fair play. She was taken by her brother in front of me. Now it"s my turn. Sara did an exceptional job licking my pussy this morning, but Stephanie had experience. I started coming almost immediately. My sister knew exactly where and how to use her tongue and teeth for the maximum effect. Just as I was about to go over the top she would stop and bite my thigh. The pain cancelled out the stimulation just enough to frustrate me.

In the meantime the vibrator was working it"s magic on my sister as well. Sara looked on in wonder as the wand like toy penetrated deep into Stephanie causing her to squirm and struggle to control what she was doing to me. It was a losing battle. My sister had no choice but to surrender to her natural compulsions and her hips spasmed with her orgasm.

Sara removed the toy from Stephanie"s cum soaked vagina and licked the cream off of it. My sister collapsed onto the bed spread eagle on her back. She looked back at us and motioned for us to squat onto her hands.

We obeyed and Stephanie proceeded to massage our pussies as we knelt toward her on all fours. I was already close from her eating me so I came in a few moments. She then switched her grip so that she was applying pressure to the folds just inside my entrance. Inside but behind my clitoris.

My G-spot I think. I can"t even describe how good it felt, I could hardly move the sensations were so intense. Sara was quickly catching up to me as I heard her breathing and moaning reach that familiar conclusion. I did not have very long to observe her as a desperate feeling of needing to pee began to over-take me.

I tried to break away and stop but it was too late. I squirted my cum out in a gush that made me squeal like a little girl. I collapsed onto the soaked sheets and shuddered. trying to come down off of whatever kind of super-gasm I had just had.

Stephanie sucked her fingers and looked lustfully into my eyes.

"What did you just do to me?" I asked wearily.

"That"s how girls ejaculate, silly. Didn"t you know that?" She asked pretending to look innocent.

"No. I didn"t..." I replied as my sister smiled, repeatedly chanting that she knew something her brainy sister didn"t.

After we all cooled off a bit, Stephanie looked over at Sara and asked if there were any hard feelings between them, to which she enthusiastically shook her head. She then went back into her closet and returned with a plain looking box.

"Here! She told me. I want you to have this. Don"t worry it"s new and never used."

"What is it" I asked genuinely curious.

"Something I wish I had with my first girlfriend but like you two I was young to buy it." I took the package and thanked her, as she shooed us out of her room.

"Now get out of here the both of you. Thanks to Carly I have to change my sheets."

We all giggled mischievously as Sara and I were herded out into the hall. As we entered my room I looked over at my desk and stomped the floor. Tonight"s reading assignment! It is still in my gym locker at school. I told Sara to call her parents and tell them she would be "Studying" with me tonight as I rushed to get properly dressed again.

For the second time that day, the two of us flew downstairs looking like refuges from a flee market, making a mad dash back to school. The school was still open because of the late evening sports program. The cheer leaders might still be in the locker room when we get there and the doors might not be locked yet.

As it turned out, we needn"t have ran. Today turned out to be tryouts and when we arrived, most everyone was still out on the soccer field. Without seeing a single person in the ghostly halls, we breezed into the ladies lockers and easily acquired my back back.

Piece of cake! Until the surreal sound of crying echoed through the dark empty room. Sara and I looked all around to locate the source of the gentle sobbing. It did not take long to locate her. It was a perplexing site to say the least.

An obviously freshman girl was straddling a bench with her tear soaked hands holding her face. It didn"t take Sherlock Holmes to piece together what had happened.

"You got cut from the squad didn"t you..."

She nodded quickly still hiding her face in shame. Sara and I looked her over in the dim florescent light. Sure enough, she was decked out in the schools pom-pom girl uniform alright.

"You must have really been expecting to make it onto the roster." Sarah observed her brand new uniform. Complete with frilly panties, knee high socks and even properly colored ribbon ties setting ponytails into her styled curly amber hair.

"Why do you wan"t to be a cheer girl so much? All they really do is..."

Sarah wisely nudged me roughly in the ribs and gave me a scornful look.

"What I meant was, there are other high school activities. Why do you have your heart set on this one so much?" I clumsily corrected myself.

"I don"t...really." She answered finally managing to look up at me. She sighed heavily and tried wiping her eyes. My mother and even my grandmother were cheer leaders at this school. I would have been third generation and i"m the only girl in my family."

She tried to straighten up but it was easy to see how hard it was to compose herself for us.

"What am I supposed to do now? She asked aloud to nobody in particular. I don"t even know how I can go home and be such a disappointment..."

"Okay! Okay. We get it." I stammered at her trying to keep my voice congenial, although my contempt for the hated enemy world of cheer leading was already seething under the surface.

"What is you"re name anyway."

"Kim... Umm Kimberly." She stuttered. "I"m really sorry about this I guess I should just go home..." She started to stand up but Sara and I both shoved her back down.

"Is there any valid reason... at all, why you want to be a cheer leader?" I asked forcefully. "Or are you just doing this because your mom wants you too?"

She looked deliciously clueless for a moment while she tried to figure out why two strangers would actually give a damn. Eventually she decided to trust us.

"I thought I did. It seemed like a lot of fun and a great way to make friends." She answered.

"But they are so mean. All they did was make fun of us as we did our routines and pick on the new girls." She motioned to herself and I looked over at Sara who just gave me another ever more frequent shrug that we have been exchanging a lot lately.

"Not to mention it"s a great way to meet boys." I added with a positive spin.

She blushed her confession at my words and I rolled my eyes. Girls are all the same no matter what cliche" they apply for.

"I"m going to make you a deal Kim." I declared. "You"re going home right now and tell your mother that you made the squad. It just so happens that my job is too remind the head cheer leader of her priorities,"

She smiled so big I thought her teeth might fall out.

"And in return?" She humbly asked.

"Were putting together a little girl club of our own and we would really like you be a part of it."

"Of course!" She beamed. "You can count on me to come everyday you wan"t me there." She hopped to her feet giddy as could be.

"Exactly, what is likely too..." Sara muttered at me under her breath.

I waved her off with my hand as we watched Kimberly skip on top of clouds out the door.

"So; is Jade a member of this new pervert girls club i"m pretty sure were both hearing about here for the first time?" She asked me with raised eyebrows.

"Of course she is. She just doesn"t know it yet." I replied.

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