Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Perfectly Willing Slave

I’d always suspected I was a lesbian. Since high school, I admired the girls more than the boys, but never acted on it, dismissing it as some adolescent phase I would grow out of. Now being 25, working full-time for an insurance firm, and a few failed straight relationships behind me, my urges for another woman have never been stronger. However, a ‘vanilla’ lesbian relationship never interested me. My secret was my love for kink. I wanted a woman to control me, to order me in bed, how to dress, to fuck me silly. I first heard of the hidden world of fetish when I was 19, and trawling the internet, a link on a lesbian site was all it took. From then on, I was hooked on watching girls beat other girls, tying them up, making them cum, humiliating them.

For the next few years I would masturbate to fantasies involving me being abused and used by a taller, stronger woman. She would gag me, cuff me, strip me, leash me, call me dirty names to humiliate me, allow strangers to use my body, force me to dress like a whore for her. At that time I never thought it would happen to me. I was wasn’t sure if I wanted it to happen to me. Until I met my new boss.

Her name was Amanda Snow. To me, she was Mistress. My name is Jayden. To her, I am Bitch. Or slut, whore, tart, whatever degrading name she desires for me.

Mistress is an exotic lady. British, but from mixed black and Asian background, her skin is a smooth chocolate, her long dark hair gleams like the night, and her captivating eyes shine. She truly is a beautiful woman, full of strength and power. Maybe that’s what attracted me to her to begin with. Me? I’m 5’4, a good five inches shorter than her, with a curvy rather than petite body, my hair is platinum blonde, almost white in colour, cut in a straight bob, my eyes are blue and my skin is fair. Mistresses legs are longer than mine, but her ass is full and curvy, mine is smaller, but as she puts it ‘perfectly spankable’. However, my breasts are larger than hers, something she is slightly jealous of, so makes every opportunity to show mine off, forcing me to wear low-cut tops for every occasion.

After a couple of weeks getting to know each other, we got on so well. I jumped at her orders, but we still shared a giggle. Around this point, I think she started to suspect my hidden opinions of her. I could tell she saw the little glances I stole at her bosom, or her behind when she bent over. She usually wore a little knowing smile at these times.

One late afternoon, when everyone was preparing to leave, she asked me to take a look at her computer while she went to grab a coffee before close. Apparently she wanted a spreadsheet checking. ‘Of course’ I brightly replied. She left the room, her high heels clicking music to my ears. I scanned over the document, but my eyes lingered to the bottom of the screen. The word ‘lesbian’ was there, bold as brass. My heart speeding up, I checked the open doorway. Nobody there. Clicking on the tab bought up a very graphic webpage depicting girl on girl hardcore action. I immediately noticed the theme of one girl being in charge, the other meekly submitting. My boss watched lesbian porn! I knew I should have minimized it and carried on working, but I was transfixed. The girls on the site were so beautiful, but so forceful with each other. I had never found a sight like that, Miss Snow must know her stuff!.

I realised a growing moistness beneath my panties, and against my better judgment, quickly slipped my hand down my business trousers to stifle the feeling. At this moment, my boss just so happened to be watching me, with a huge grin on her face. I noticed she was putting her heels back on. She took them off so I wouldn’t hear her coming!.

‘Well well well, so its true. You really are a little dyke!’
‘No…no’ I stammered. ‘I just noticed the page and was closing it down..’
‘Shut up’ she snapped.
My heart was racing, my secret was out!
Suddenly she smiled more warmly.
‘Relax Jayden. I deliberately left that page open so you would view it, you should have guessed that. I wanted to make sure.
‘Make sure of what’ I whispered.

‘Whether you were into girls of course. Don’t think I didn’t notice you checking me out every time I bent over, or leaned in to show you something.’
I blushed furiously at her words and lowered my gaze.
‘You’re so cute when you blush’ she said.

It caused me to blush even harder, and my stomach to flip over.
She walked over to the desk and placed two coffees down.
‘Jayden’, she said, cupping my chin in her dark hand and lifting my face to look directly into hers.

‘I’m not angry at you. The truth is, I like girls too, always have. Its just hard to make it to the top in the business world if everyone knows. Besides, what business is it of theirs?
‘I always imagined you to be married, to a successful man’ I managed to say. I was certainly feeling more relaxed now.

‘Not a chance’, she smiled. A smile to bring angels to their knees.
‘Jayden, I would like to hear more about you, everything, from the first girl you ever kissed, your fantasies. Will you do that?’ she added, so seductively.
‘I guess. The truth is, I’ve never kissed a girl, always been repressed to myself….

And so I carried on, telling her that I’d been with a couple of guys, but it never worked out, and eventually to my fantasies about a lesbian domination. She seemed especially interested in that.

We chatted for hours, the sun was almost down outside the office window!
She told me all about her secret relationships with other woman, how she like to control their meetings, and the girls in the bedroom it seemed! It had been a while since she had last been with a woman, my heart was racing at this point. Could she be interested in me? I was about to find out.

‘I think we can work something out Jayden. In case you haven’t noticed, I fancy the knickers off you,’ she confidently stated, her slender hand just tracing the outside seem of my trousers. That sent a jolt to the pit of my stomach.
‘Re..really?’ I tentatively said.

‘You said you’ve never kissed a girl? Well let me show you’.

She stood and grabbed my hand, lifting me to my feet and into her shapely body. My heart was racing a mile a minute, as she lowered her head and her full sensuous lips met with mine. I simply melted. This was the greatest kiss I had ever had! Not like the awkward or rough kisses from previous male partners, this was a full on passionate yet delicate kiss, our lips seemed glued together, I couldn’t pull away. I certainly didn’t want to! The feel of her warm body pressed up against mine, her gentle yet strong hands, one resting on my hip, the other below my neck, her heavenly perfume…..ecstasy.

Slowly, she pulled away, and I immediately felt an pang of longing.
‘Well?’ she said breathlessly, ‘how was that?’
It took me a minute to find my voice, but she was patient, smiling serenely at me.
‘Good’ I squeaked.
‘Good!’ She laughed. ‘Is that all? Maybe I need to try harder next time.’
‘No! I mean, it was amazing, I’m sorry…

She cut me off by holding my face in both hands and giving a quick kiss.
‘I think we can make this work Jayden, if you do everything I say’.
‘Of course’ I quickly answered.

‘Excellent’ she sounded more serious now.

‘We will start from tomorrow, to everyone else, you will still be Jayden, the clerical assistant, and I will be Miss Snow, the Sales head. But secretly between us, we will be a couple. Not an ordinary couple, you understand. I will be your mistress, and you my little secret slut.’
I blushed once again at her words.

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