Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sibling Love

I have a brother that I have always been especially close to. There is only a year and a month between our ages, so we were pretty much inseparable. Even as late as when I was 12 and he was 11, we showered together and sometimes slept in the same bed. We had the same friends, had the same hangout, had about the same homework.

One night, as we were sleeping in the same bed, I was just lying there half dozing, half thinking of my boyfriend at the time. My brother was facing away from me breathing deeply in a good sleep. I was 14 and he was 13. He had on his usual boxers and I had on my t shirt and panties. I felt the bed move as he turned over to face me, as I had my back to him.

I felt his arm come over my side and I moved mine so that it was under mine. This was not an unfamiliar thing for him or me to do. I scooted back and he cuddled up to me. It was comfortable. After a few minutes, I noticed that something was spooking me in the butt, through my panties. I reached back and found my brother completely excited in his sleep. I was repulsed at first, but after a few minutes, I figured that it was normal and just let him be. He was making little movements for a few and then rolled back over and that was it.

Being summer vacation, we had no set bedtime. My parents, brother and I were in the basement game room watching t.v. when they said they were going to bed. We said our good nights and they went upstairs to the second floor bedroom and left us there alone. I was laying on one end of the couch and my brother was half reclining on the other. He started flipping through the channels and happened across Cine max. We apparently had a free month or whatever. A movie was on showing a bunch of women in jail showering. My brother giggled and figured he would try to embarrass me. I hadn't told him yet that I had already had my first girl/girl and female bodies turned me on.

I looked over at him and his smile was gone as he got more absorbed into the action on the screen. It was usual for us to cuddle watching t.v., so I went to get us drinks and maybe a snack. While I was gone, I changed into my nightshirt and panties. I came back to him and the same movie. He was sitting half turned on the couch, leaning in the corner with his left leg on the couch, right foot on the floor. I sat in the middle of the couch and leaned sideways to him, which he then moved his left leg into the back of the cushion and I put my head on his right thigh. His hand rested on my left shoulder and we watched the movie.

The next movie on was a little raunchier, about an underaged prostitute. It was really vivid. I was laying there watching her get it on with a guy and noticed my brother stroking my hair. This WAS unusual! He never did that. I turned my head to look up at him, and he jumped as the back of my head rested on his hard-on. I thought I was getting turned on, but he was past turned on approaching overheated. I smiled at him and started to turn my head away and his right hand rested on my forehead, holding me where I was.

He never looked down at me, so I moved my head a little side to side and he jumped again, this time looking at me. I told him the night before of what he did and his cheeks went straight to red, but I said it was OK. I turned on my back and said I didn't mind, as I had seen him naked for years and things happen. Talking, I pulled my right leg up and my foot flat on the couch, telling him about what I had done to my boyfriend, what I wanted to do, what I was scared to do. I wasn't a virgin then, but I knew my brother was. He had a girlfriend, but being the tease, she wouldn't do anything but let him feel her up over her shirt.

I caught him staring at my leg and changed the subject over to my boyfriend again, who was his best friend. I asked him if made him mad and he said no. I asked him if he was jealous and he said yes. He didn't want anyone as close to me as he was, to which I said, "He wasn't chicken to do what he wanted to like my brother is!". My brother said he wasn't chicken, but had thought about 'us' for a while. He even admitted to masturbating thinking about me and him, which shocked me. I told him I had done that to, especially last night as he was pressing his hard-on into my back.

He was sitting there not looking at me, trying his best to watch the movie. So I raise dmy head and let it back down, rubbing my ear the length of his 3 inches. He jumped a little and looked down, but didn't move. So I turned my head farther so his penis was leaning against my nose. His hand was laying across me, resting on my right shoulder. But was soon inching its way down and finally laid on my right breast. Having no pra on, his touch soon had my nipple hard. I reached up and took his finger and moved his hand so my now hard bud was between his fingers. He pinched not to heard and started a slow caress around my aeriola. It felt good!

I remembered then that his penis was leaning against my nose, and closed my eyes. I tilted my head and his member slipped past my nose and landed square on my lips. I felt his stiffness through his boxers. My eyes opened to him staring straight into my eyes. The tip was pressing into the right corner of my lips and his hand froze. I smiled and reached down and made his hand move again using mine. When he finally said this is what he was afraid to try, I opened my mouth and his penis pretty much fell into my mouth, cloth and all, making him jump.

I closed my lips around him as he took over rubbing my nipple. Arching my back, I pulled my nightshirt up so he had full view and full access to both of my titties.his right hand rested on my forehead, stroking my hair. I tapped on the bottom of his cock with my tongue as a hint. He reached down and tugged on the boxer cloth and it pulled free of him and just his bare skin was in my mouth. I turned my head to face him and closed my lips, moving towards him, taking him in. He was getting his first blowjob and was loving it.

As I sucked him in, I reached for his hand and moved it down my stomach to my cotton covered mound. Little sparks shot through my as his fingers found and explored me through my panties. I felt him move his hand to the waistline and then under. Just a little at a time. but finally he was running his finger slowly up and down my slit.I pulled my left leg up and rested it on the couch back. My right leg, I laid it on the seat, opening up for him.

This caused him an overload and he shot straight into my mouth, which I milked every drop out. He just sat there frozen! lol My brother and I opened a new door. I sat up and leaned back against him, took a drink and swished it around and swallowed. Then turned to look at him. Very cautiously, he moved his face to mine and we kissed. We had done this before, but only curious as to what it felt like to kiss like Mom and Dad. Nothing special! This time, his tongue opened my lips and he explored my mouth, our tongues dancing and on my arm, i felt him grow hard again.

One thing I told him I wanted to try was have my boyfriend eat me out. He said, as our lips parted, that he wanted to try it too. He squirmed out from under me and I slid my butt across the seat till I was laying down and he sat down and leaned over between my legs. I arched my back and he tugged off my panties, which were already beginning to get damp. He leaned down as I watched, and suddenly, his tongue was teasing up and down the outside of my lips. It felt great! Especially when I parted them and his tongue slipped over my swelling clitoris. I was sure that was what it was like to get electrocuted!

I shot straight up, startling him! He sat back, but I pulled him back to me as I layed back down. Pretty soon, he had sparks shooting through my whole body as I felt the first tongue of my sexual life bring me to climax.

I arched my back and gasped, over the edge and out of control! It is true that on your first actual orgasm, you can see fireworks behind closed eyes! It was AWSUM!!!

I was laying there out of breath when I felt him get up. I was too tired to even open my eyes when I felt something pressing onto me. I opened my eyes and saw my brother, kneeling between my legs and hands on the couch on either side of me, his hard-on was pressing onto my lips. His shorts were still on and he was sticking through the pee hole. I reached down and took him in my hand, rubbing the head up and down my slit, lubing him and moving him closer at the same time.His head rubbed hard on my clit and then found my hole, plunging in quick. He took a quick breath and eased in.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around him, drawing him nearer to me until hes weight was pressing on me, his elbows on the couch on either side of my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him and drew my legs up, wrapping them around his waist and locking my ancles behind him. The tip of his nose was just touching mine as he nervously started moving his hips. He soon got a pretty good rhythm and got me good and worked up. I opened my eyes and he was still staring straight into mine. I drug my nails slowly down his back and grabbed his waist, pulling him deeper as I kissed him softly. His tongue split my lips and the kiss was deep and long.

I was close to cumming and I stopped kissing him and kissed along his cheek and jaw to his ear. I let a small moan escape into his ear and felt him clench. As he started moving again, I whispered, "It's ok to cum in me.", which I guess caused him to get over-excited! As my orgasm drew near, I felt him buck and drill hard! As he shot his first into me, the feeling of having that splash sensation put me right over into mine. I tensed and buried my head into his neck as my orgasm hit.

That night brought us as close as we could ever be. There were no more secrets between us. We had many more experiences together, sleeping in the same bed until I moved out at 18. I love my brother!

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